Opportunity Knocking: Contracts

The Texas Information Resources Department wants a contractor to consolidate, optimize and operate 27 of the state's largest data centers. A request for offers is expected in March. The goal is to modernize the statewide technology infrastructure for consistent, cost-effective data center and disaster recovery services at all state agencies. The project also should raise disaster recovery capabilities, security and facilities to a uniform standard.
Texas data center consolidation

Illinois needs tax system

The Illinois Revenue Department wants a contractor to provide an integrated tax system. A request for proposals is expected in February. The contractor should offer an off-the-shelf system and be able to expand the department's tax data warehousing and imaging capabilities.

Oregon wants quality assurance

Oregon Human Resources and Administration departments want a contractor to perform quality assurance services for a statewide, automated child welfare information system. An RFP is expected in May. The quality assurance effort will guarantee appropriate concept development, executive involvement and cost benefit analysis before implementing a new child welfare information system in the future.

Ind. vehicle crash records system

Indiana State Police want a contractor to deliver a vehicle crash records system. An RFP is expected in the second quarter of this year. The contractor will process reports and perform maintenance, support and general improvements to a system that interfaces with local police and other state agencies.

Re-engineering in North Carolina

The North Carolina Health and Human Services Department wants a contractor to help with business process re-engineering of statewide welfare systems. An RFP is expected in the first quarter of this year. The winning contractor will craft a high-level implementation plan for access and intake functions of statewide welfare systems that are handled at the county level.

These opportunities are compiled by Federal Sources Inc., a market research firm in McLean, Va. (www.fedsources.com)