GovCIO wins $865M CENTCOM communications contract

GovCIO unseats an incumbent to take over the work across Central Command's area of responsibility, which covers 20 countries and 90,000 U.S. government personnel.

USCIS unveils first glimpse at software development recompete

This will be iteration number four of the Outcome-Based Delivery and DevSecOps Services vehicle, also known as ODOS.

Library of Congress told to redo $450M agile software contract

The Government Accountability Office found problems with evaluations, the best value tradeoff process and poor documentation.

GSA begins work on new telecom strategy

The General Services Administration wants industry input on what today's telecommunications and IT trends are, plus insights on the challenges they faced while transitioning to the current Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions vehicle.

Veterans Affairs starts to preview intake services recompete

An industry day is on the schedule to hear about the next iteration of this contract geared toward making VA a paperless claims processing environment.

CIO-SP4 faces more court challenges

In the meantime, the National Institutes of Health's IT acquisition arm has extended the current contract into the fall.

FBI pushes back award date for $7B IT pact

Protests continue to dog the blanket purchase agreement called ITSSS-2, through which the FBI will buy a broad range of IT services.

IARPA makes awards in 4-year effort studying hacker psychology

The program greenlit research contracts for technologies that would use psychology to thwart hackers.

Polaris small business contract gets green light to move forward

The General Services Administration successfully fends off a pair of protests and can finally move on making awards for the IT solutions vehicle.

WT 360: How GovCon's 'Rule of Two' is poised to grow in scope

Stephen Bacon of the law firm Rogers Joseph O'Donnell goes over the White House's push for agencies to expand their use of this golden rule of government contracting and what it means for small businesses.

GovTribe's Top 20 contracts for February

These opportunities are generating the most activity on GovTribe, based on an analysis of traffic on the website.

Air Force chooses 17 for $499M anti-tampering tech contract

Three incumbents will continue onto this expanded iteration of the program focused on defending against unintended technology transfers or alterations by adversaries.

Contracts featuring automation, built-in security can boost agencies’ cyber defenses, VA officials say

As the federal government looks to harden its cyber resilience, officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs said agencies should work to modernize outdated technologies and ensure that vendor contracts include more rigorous security standards.

Space Force leans on OTAs to bring innovation

The four-year-old service branch is looking to lower the barriers for small businesses and non-traditional companies to offer space-related solutions.

Jacobs loses fight to keep $2.8B Special Operations IT contract

All of the incumbent's claims were rejected and that clears the way for the transition to a new prime.

Westat wins $809M NIH survey support recompete

Westat has worked with the National Institute on Drug Abuse to help collect data on tobacco usage for around eight years.

DHS opens proposal window for $8.4B professional services vehicle

Small businesses have highly anticipated this third iteration of the multiple-award contract dubbed PACTS.