Carahsoft | Redefining Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Carahsoft | Redefining Customer Experience in the Digital Age

AT&T | National security network modernization brings unique challenges

AT&T | National security network modernization brings unique challenges

Local Government Tax Guide: 6 Benefits Businesses Will Buy Into for Compliance

<p>How to modernize tax filing and payment processes with a focus on efficiency so local business owners can get back to serving your community.</p>

CMMC: Securing the Defense Industrial Base

CMMC: Securing the Defense Industrial Base

Supporting Today’s Public Sector Workforce: How employee values, skill sets, and technology are evolving to create thriving agencies

<p>Workforce challenges have been a topic on many minds, especially for state and local government finance leaders.&nbsp;Agencies are facing mass retirements, turnover, demand for new positions, and stiff competition for talent with the private sector. In this report, we will look at the current state of the public sector workforce, explore the fundamental shifts in workers&rsquo; needs, and the role of modernization in supporting and developing workers&rsquo; skillsets and optimizing impact.</p>

Short-Term Rentals (STR) and Local Government in 2024: What You Need to Know

<p>Join Granicus&#39;s Will Mason to learn more about 2024 market predictions, regional developments, platform updates, and a few emerging issues that local governments are getting involved in.</p>

Tradecraft transformed: Leveraging Peraton’s strategic edge in intelligence operations

Intelligence agencies must modernize tradecraft to successfully adapt to an increasingly unpredictable global environment.

A complete guide for Records Managers: How to Pick the Perfect Public Records Request Management Software for Your Organization

<p>Guide covering critical considerations for local governments and records managers evaluating new tools to streamline records management.&nbsp;</p>

AT&T | Keeping the DoD securely connected, from office to edge to battlefield

AT&T | Keeping the DoD securely connected, from office to edge to battlefield

3 Key insights for agencies navigating today’s cybersecurity landscape

<p>In the complex world of cybersecurity, government agencies must adapt continuously, embracing strategies that build defensibility and resilience against evolving threats.</p>

Top five features of secure, frictionless customer identity management

<p>Public sector organizations need a reliable, scalable customer identity platform that enhances customer experience &mdash; a partnership between Okta and Amazon Web Services checks all the boxes.</p>

Making the Move to Modern IGA

<p>New transformative business models for federal agencies demand agility, scalability, and improving security at the new perimeter &ndash; identity. But don&rsquo;t let legacy platforms and mindsets limit your pursuit of more modern Identity Governance &amp; Administration (IGA). In this guide, we share expert advice on preparing for, executing, and measuring a successful modernization project.</p>

The 3 Pillars of Zero Trust Identity: Accelerate Your Move to Zero Trust

<p>Moving to Zero Trust can improve security while enabling users with the right access, but the process requires moving from a mindset of implicit trust to an approach that involves the continuous re-evaluation of risk and a shift in focus away from the network perimeter security layer and towards the identity security layer. Read this white paper to learn the three key aspects to a successful Zero Trust adoption.</p>

The State of Government Integration: 2024 and beyond

<p>Software AG partnered with Market Connections to develop a benchmark assessment of public sector agencies&rsquo; progress toward integrating apps, data, processes, and physical systems, as well as identify challenges and bottlenecks that government decision-makers face. The following pages provide insight into the state of integration within the government and plans for future investments.</p> <p>Download to learn more!</p>

AT&T | Transforming Federal Civilian Networks to Support Technologies of the Future

AT&T | Transforming Federal Civilian Networks to Support Technologies of the Future

The future of generative AI in the public sector

<p>Government and education leaders around the globe are thinking through how they can use generative AI to benefit the greater good, from student learning to national defense to citizen services.</p> <p>As public sector leaders consider potential benefits, they are also faced with the very real impacts that generative AI may have on employees, data privacy, as well as ethics and compliance.</p> <p>Join us for a fireside chat with IDC government analyst Adelaide O&#39;Brien and Elastic distinguished architect Dave Erickson as they discuss trends, challenges, and the emerging landscape of generative AI in the public sector.</p> <p>A few of the topics we&#39;ll cover:</p> <ul> <li>Early generative AI use cases that are emerging in government and education</li> <li>Ethical and privacy-first generative AI considerations</li> <li>Actionable next steps for organizations looking to implement generative AI</li> <li>Where we see the industry heading in the near future</li> </ul> <p>Watch the on-demand recording now!</p>

8 Recommendations for Equitable Community Engagement in Local Government

<p>Constructive relationships between residents and their city governments are the cornerstone of equitable, sustainable public decision-making that enhances the livability of local communities. Local government leaders are tasked with integrating resident feedback into the government decision-making processes. But how do they reach residents &ndash; especially underrepresented voices &ndash; in order to hear their aspirations, concerns and values pertaining to their communities?</p> <p></p>

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