The Minburn story: or how a small, dedicated team can accomplish big things

Columnist Mark Amtower shares the story of Minburn Technology Group and the marketing and relationship lessons the company's success has to offer.

Why small business partnerships are now even more important for large contractors

The growth of small business contracting and the Biden administration's focus on small business as a priority make it an imperative that large businesses put more of a focus on their relationships.

Workforce issues stay top of mind for GovCon execs

No matter the size of their business, government contractors see people and workforce issues as among the most pressing they face.

Deals dip in 2022 but transactions remain at historic highs

In this analysis, KippsDeSanto managing director Kate Troendle explains the multiple factors that will keep merger and acquisition activity in the government market at an all-time high.

USAID needs contractors who can think like incubators

USAID has a new framework that will change the way development contractors work.

Senior execs to bring 2023 trends into focus at our next Power Breakfast

Executives from large, small and mid-sized businesses will share their views on the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead as we kick off our 2023 series of WT Power Breakfasts.

How to leverage FITARA to drive your customer's modernization efforts

FITARA scorecards have been a powerful tool for agency improvements but they also are a guide for contractors looking to help their customers modernize their operations and move toward hybrid cloud environments.

Federal presence on LinkedIn continues to grow

Mark Amtower's annual census of feds on the social media platform show 2.7 million feds are on LinkedIn.

CACI again wins $5.7B Air Force contract, but new protests follow

The service branch is trying to award its enterprise IT-as-a-service contract for a second time.

Why RFIs have short response windows, part 2

Thanks to reader feedback, here is a fresh take on why agencies might issue sources sought notices with little time for a response.

New rule does little to clarify communications between agencies and industry

While years in the making, the significant changes to how agencies and industry can communicate appear more cosmetic.

What does this tight response deadline tell us?

A new request for information out of the Veterans Affairs' IT office makes me wonder if the VA has unstated reasons for creating such a short window for responses.

Lack of differentiation turns Army task order into a price shootout

Neither bidder's technical proposal stood out for the Army as the branch competed a data center contract.

If, Then: 2023 poses many questions and scenarios

No outcome predictions in this space because that's too hard and risky. But plenty of pathways ahead as 2023 begins.

What 2022 tells us about 2023 and beyond

A look back at the top stories of 2022 offers us some insights and foreshadowing into what government contractors will care about in 2023 and the years after that.

Where GSA can make improvements to Alliant 3

Business development practitioner Robert Lohfeld Sr. highlights where General Services Administration can make changes to the governmentwide IT solutions contract for everyone's benefit.

Shield AI joins a small club with its latest funding round

Venture capital and other investors want to find the next startup company, or companies, with the potential to join what we call a "Group of Four."