Solving manpower challenges with enterprise IT modernization

CACI International executive and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata explains how enterprise IT modernization offers powerful and profound ways to significantly improve combat readiness and performance.

How to find that pathway to success through the SBIR program

Colvin Run Networks CEO Nikhil Shenoy shares how his company used the SBIR program and the lessons learned that can help other small businesses succeed.

CMMC's effective date appears likely to be early 2025

The Defense Department needs to adjudicate comments and Congress needs to review the final rule on how contractors protect information before the standard takes effect.

GovCon's 'rule of two' is about to widen in scope

The White House now wants agencies to apply this golden rule of government contracting to multiple-award contracts and their task orders, all in the name of more opportunities for small businesses. It appears to at least be worth trying.

How enterprise IT modernization solves the manpower challenge

Retired general and CACI executive Michael Nagata explains how enterprise IT modernization supports combat readiness and performance.

Five lessons learned as you prepare for CMMC

Cybersecurity expert Derek Kernus explains what was learned when a small business client went through a voluntary Defense Department assessment of how it protects controlled, unclassified information, meeting many of the CMMC requirements.

6 steps for entrepreneurs and tax planning

Wealth planning expert Jamie Waldren offers six steps business owners can take to avoid taxes and build their wealth.

NITAAC tries again to finalize CIO-SP4 awards

Notices are going out to winners, but there are still concerns that the $50 billion IT vehicle will get mired in protests again.

Why 2024 will be a year of revolution in digital citizen services

The provision of thoughtful and effective citizen services remains a cornerstone of good governance and societal progress, with advanced technology a big part of that.

Recent signs show the government is getting open source right. Is your organization?

White House and OMB initiatives are driving security concerns around open source because while it is a powerful tool, it needs to be managed effectively, our expert writes.

A better compass for guiding tech investments

Justin Fanelli and Jonathan Aberman, two experts on technology investing, share their thoughts on how to know when you are getting what you paid for when you buy technology.

Five things to remember about CMMC

The draft rule for how government contractors will protect their customers' information is long and defense as it was two years in the making, but here are five things to keep in mind in putting together your comments.

Transform your BD offsite to drive revenue

Offsite events don't have to be death by PowerPoint. Business development expert Nic Coppings explains how to transform these events to unlock your BD teams potential.

If, Then: 2024 serves up many questions and potentials

Off we go then with 2024 and all of the pathways, possibilities and scenarios to consider across the entire public sector ecosystem.

Three growth tactics for small contractors

Small businesses have limited resources, so how do you leverage your time, money and staff for the most impact?

UPDATE: CMMC's proposed rule is published

After much anticipation, the proposed new standard for the defense industrial base's overall cyber posture is available for download now.

Generative AI poised to revolutionize capture management

GenAI tools have immense potential for federal contractors when it comes to both proposal and capture management and writing compelling proposals.