Opportunity knocking: In brief

Virginia wants intelligence system ? Arizona overhauls driver's licensing ? New York court administrative system ? California county needs ERP system

The Virginia State Police Department wants a contractor to provide an intelligence management system to ease the information exchange among federal, state and local agencies.A request for proposals is expected in early 2007.The contractor likely would provide intelligence software and development services, integration services and statewide deployment for a system that can send and receive information.The system would be an integral part of the state's intelligence fusion center.The Arizona Transportation Department wants a contractor to replace its automated business system with one that complies with the Real ID Act.An RFP is expected later this year.The department needs a system that can capture, store and compare information and images in a way that reduces the risk that someone could illicitly acquire several licenses and identities.The stored information will include a digitized color photo, signature and fingerprint image for each person being licensed.The Nassau County, N.Y., District Court Traffic and Parking Violations Agency will look for a new administrative system.An RFP is expected in March 2007.The new system should increase processing speed for tickets and cases and reduce paperwork.The Nassau County IT Department will do the procurement for the traffic and parking agency.The Santa Clara, Calif., Water District needs a contractor to upgrade its enterprise resource planning software with minimal or no customization.An RFP is expected in early 2007.The district, which uses PeopleSoft 8.3 for human resources and PeopleSoft 8.4 for finance, expects to upgrade the system to PeopleSoft 8.9.These opportunities are compiled by Input Inc., a market research firm in Reston, Va. (www.input.com)
State cops need smart system

Ariz. overhauls driver's licensing

Court administrative system

ERP needed in Calif. County