Opportunity knocking: In brief

Alaska needs case management ... Texas town goes radio shopping ... Oregon needs better crime data ... Statewide automated welfare system in California ...

The Alaska Administration Department wants an electronic case management system for the offices of the Public Defender, Labor Relations and Administrative Hearings. A request for proposals is expected early next year. The agencies will share the system to track case loads, monitor cost information and handle calendar information and document production. Funding will cover software licenses, hardware and training and installation and configuration.The Purchasing Department for College Station, Texas, wants a new public safety radio system for police, fire and emergency rescue services. An RFP is expected in summer 2007. The winning contractor will install an 800-MHz radio system to cover areas where service is either unreliable or doesn't exist.The Oregon Administration Department wants a uniform crime reporting system for the Oregon State Police. An RFP is expected this month.The winning contractor will provide state and local law enforcement with computerized telecommunications and information systems that handle message switching, and feature record storage and retrieval. The contractor will provide systems implementation, staff support and training, and quality control and auditing.California wants a contractor to help migrate 35 of its 58 counties to the statewide, automated welfare consortium IV system from the interim system. An RFP is expected in July 2007.These counties have used the interim system for more than 10 years for public assistance programs. After functional and technical reviews of the alternatives, all 35 counties chose the C-IV system as their best alternative.The C-IV system verifies eligibility for public assistance, computes benefits, provides timely benefits distribution, reduces administrative complexity, collects data and provides accurate fiscal reports.
Alaska needs case management

Texas town goes radio shopping

Oregon needs better crime data

Calif. automated welfare system

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