Who is the mayor of Summit Point, W.Va.?

A frequent commenter on the Business Beat blog gets a shout-out from Editor Nick Wakeman for his insights and perspective, even though his real identity is unknown.

This blog is a thank you and a bit of a mystery.

I wanted to recognize someone who has added a lot to Washington Technology, and to discussions on this blog.

And that person is the Mayor of Summit Point, W.Va.

Who is the mayor of Summit Point? That’s a great question, and that’s the mystery part of this. I have no idea who this person is.

I do know he (I assume he’s a man, but that might reflect my own bias) is the most active commenter on the website, and on my blog, offering up opinions on everything from personnel policies to bid protests to, most recently, lowest price, technically acceptable procurements.

Sometimes, he agrees with me, and sometimes he doesn’t, but what I appreciate is that he comments consistently, and he always has a reasonable argument or point to make, even if you disagree.

In my mind, I think he’s a retired contractor, but I have nothing to base that on. He could be a former fed. Or, maybe he’s worked on both sides.

The way our comment system works is that you manually enter your name and location, or you can leave that blank.

He uses the moniker of SPMayor, and puts his location as Summit Point, W.Va., which is in the West Virginia panhandle near the border with Virginia. It’s an unincorporated town, and is probably best known as the home of Summit Point Motorsports Park, a race track.

It’s close enough to Northern Virginia that it’s possible he’s not retired, and that he’s still working for a government contractor.

Retired or working, it’s obvious that the mayor cares deeply about the government market and what happens to government contractors.

I’m torn about whether I ever really want to know who he is – and it is possible I already know him and don’t know it. But, I mostly wanted to recognize him for the insights and commentary he brings to Washington.

Mr. Mayor, thanks, and keep the comments coming.