Marines start search for new identity management system

Release of requiest for information marks the beginning of the Marines Corps transition toward a commercial identity management system.

The Marine Corps is considering a transition of its Identity Access Management System to a commercial- or government-off-the-shelf solution.

The Marine Corps System Command Product Manager Marine Corps Enterprise Services (PdM MCES) released a request for information to find potential solutions, product information and identity management companies that can get what the Corps needs.

PdM MCES, with contractors’ support, built its current identity management system over the past eight years. The system met the immediate needs, but the Marine Corps has new needs, according to the RFI.

The Corps wants the system to better comply with Defense Department security through controls and auditing. It should be easier for Marines to use and easier to integrate with government internal systems and external partners. The Corps also wants lower maintenance and costs for upgrades throughout the product’s lifecycle.

To start out, the Marines may conduct a pilot with a few applications and then roll out more incrementally. The Corps realizes one solution may not meet all critical requirements and it may have to integrate several solutions. It also knows companies may partner with others to meet all the requirements.

Along with the solutions, the Marine Corps wants to understand pricing for such a system, such as the models typically used for solutions of similar size, nature, and configuration. It also wants to know what various types of pricing models are available.

The Marine Corps released the RFI May 8. Responses are due June 6.