DHS clears several FirstSource protests but others pending

Several protests of the $10 billion FirstSource III contract are out of the way but more are pending, which means delays are inevitable.

The Homeland Security Department has started making adjustments to the solicitation for its FirstSource III contract in the wake of protests.

The Government Accountability Office has dismissed six protests after DHS took a corrective action that let companies back into the competition. DHS also likely made changes that addressed their protest concerns.

FirstSource is a $10 billion contract that will be used by DHS to acquire hardware and related software and services.

Several protests are still pending and sources indicate that some of those may be dismissed in the coming days. Others will likely continue on until GAO makes a ruling towards the end of the year.

If that is the case, FirstSource awards are still many months away. That delay happens if GAO rules that DHS needs to make changes.

Protests dismissed over the last last week were from:

  • Blazar Technology Solutions
  • Canfield Consulting Group
  • DH Technologies
  • ESCgov Inc.
  • Four LLC
  • zSofTech Solutions

Companies with still-active protests are:

  • Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc.
  • Federal Merchants Corp.
  • IGS Strategic joint venture
  • Integration Technologies Group Inc.
  • Strategic Communications

Decisions on those protests are expected by mid-November. But there is expectation that some will be dismissed before then.

One company withdrew its protest last week: GovSmart.

KPaul Properties had its protest dismissed as untimely earlier by GAO. But the company's filing for reconsideration is still pending. A decision on that case is due Oct. 22.

FirstSource III seems to be a little bit of a tangle right now, but it also seems that DHS is making progress.

Having said that: we'll likely not see awards before December.