ManTech hits $4.5B classified contract with another protest Khuankaew

This is challenge number three from ManTech over the Special Access Program Security Support Services program.

ManTech is back at the Government Accountability Office with complaints about a potential $4.5 billion contract it has a position on for classified services to the Air Force.

ManTech, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman's IT services business unit (now part of Peraton) all won spots on that vehicle in 2021.

Despite being a winner, ManTech filed a protest complaining that GD’s labor rates were too low and would give the latter company an unfair advantage in competitions for task orders under the Special Access Program Security Support Services contract.

ManTech won its first protest in June of 2021, but the decision wasn’t released until March 2023. GAO asked the Air Force to re-evaluate pricing.

ManTech filed another protest in February 2022 that GAO dismissed in April, but is now back again with another challenge.

Because of the highly-classified nature of the contract, we do not know much about what ManTech is challenging this time. It appears that ManTech is no longer challenging the overall contract vehicle, but may be focusing on individual task order awards.

Given the size of the contract and who is on it, we’ll keep watching this situation.

It also appears that part of what is sparking ManTech’s ire stems from its incumbency on at least one of the contracts consolidated under this new SAPSS vehicle.

The Air Force uses the vehicle for classified security support services such as analytical and program support and surge requirements. Contractor personnel may also be required to travel into areas of unrest.