FBI, Verizon collaborate on $400M IT overhaul

Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The telecommunications giant will help the law enforcement agency improve connectivity and security for its acting agents. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Verizon Networks entered into a new contract worth $400 million that will help expand the law enforcement agency’s data bandwidth as it works to meet demand overseas. 

Some of the modernization efforts both entities will work towards include overhauling network availability for the FBI to include all-day, all-week access, and supporting higher data capacity for applications like video and image transmissions.. 

“We understand the critical nature of the work we will do with the FBI to improve network availability, enhance operational efficiency, use tailored approaches to meet individual division needs and help modernize technology,” Maggie Hallbach, senior vice president for public sector operations at Verizon, said in a statement.

Part of an Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions project order, Verizon will deliver faster IT capabilities that are still secure for FBI employees working on agency tasks at key strategic locations. 

Some of the enhanced features designed for better security when working are a global Virtual Private Network and improved data speeds with 4G capabilities and 5G wireless access within the United States. Implementing the latter features will enable faster deployment between field agents and FBI agency locations. 

Verizon has frequently partnered with federal entities to improve connectivity and downloading speeds among public employees working on government projects. While the telecommunications giant was recently embroiled in a conflict with the Federal Aviation Administration and other parties over the safety surrounding 5G network deployment near airports, Verizon has long assisted in IT modernization efforts for other public agencies, including the Defense Department.