INSIDER EXCLUSIVE: Procurement leaders share advice on the market's biggest contracts

Three of the federal government's top procurement officials talk all things vehicles and provide some insights into how companies should think about them.

It is hard to ask for a stronger panel than this group that can talk the current state of government-wide acquisition contracts:

  • Joanne Woytek, program director of NASA SEWP
  • Lawrence Hale, acting director of the General Services Administration's IT services office
  • Jim Ghiloni, group manager of GSA’s IDIQ Labs/Innovation Sector.

They run some of the most high-profile GWACs and in many respects lead the way in the public sector for innovative ways to buy and sell products and services.

We brought them together at an Oct. 28 Power Breakfast to discuss GWACs, multiple-award contracts, best-in-class contracts, and the general state of acquisition procurement.

They offer advice on how to both leverage these contracts as a prime, as well as how to become a prime for the vehicles.