INSIDER EXCLUSIVE: What to do after a GWAC win

Securing positions on large government-wide acquisition contracts is key to success in the government market. But it is only step one as these contracting practitioners explain.

This panel of procurement and business development leaders offer their best advice for how to leverage the stable of government-wide contracts and other major vehicles in the market.

Joanna Hugney of Deep Water Point, Guy Timberlake of the American Small Business Coalition, and Kim Pack of Wolf Den Associates spend their time working with companies on their strategies. Part of that includes explaining how multiple-award contracts is an important part of their success.

They shared their expertise at an Oct. 28 WT Power Breakfast focused on GWACs. Winning a spot can take years of talking to customers, forming partnerships and understanding the mission. There also are opportunities to connect and work with the companies who already hold positions on these vehicles.

The key is persistence and patience. More persistence and patience has to follow that.

But there is more work to be done after winning a spot. As they say, that is just a license to hunt. There are no guarantees.