Deloitte gets second shot at FBI data contract ignjatovic

After Deloitte complained about how evaluations were conducted, the FBI said it will take a second look at how it made awards for a high-speed data transfer contract.

Deloitte has won a second shot at an FBI contract for data transfer and cross domain services.

The contract was won by AnaVation, but Deloitte challenged how proposals were evaluated and how the FBI made its award decisions.

The FBI has decided to take a corrective action, where they will re-evaluate proposals and make new award decisions.

The value of the contract has not been disclosed.

AnaVation is a small business based in Virginia whose primary customers are the Justice and Defense departments, according to The company's capabilities include cyber, investigative and intelligence systems, and cloud computing and big data systems.

The FBI is using the contract to acquire high-speed data transfer services, which generally refers to moving data securely when you don’t have a dedicated IT infrastructure. This is generally the case when moving data and applications out to the network's edge, which reaches agents in the field.