NTT Data gets second chance at FBI DNA index contract Brookes

The FBI will adjust the solicitation and evaluate updated proposals following a protest from the incumbent.

NTT Data has scored a second shot a task order to hang onto an FBI contract to support the FBI’s DNA index system.

GovernmentCIO won the $16 million contract in February but NTT Data argued that the FBI misevaluated proposals, past performance, and key personnel.

After reviewing the protest, the FBI decided to pull back the award and is amending the solicitation. Bidders will be able to submit revised proposals, after which the FBI will conduct new evaluations and make a new award decision.

NTT Data was the incumbent on the contract to support the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System, known as COIS. That software program manages DNA profiles of convicted criminals, unsolved crime scene evidence, and mission persons.

Law enforcement agencies use COIS to to exchange and compare DNA profiles electronically. At least 190 crime labs participate.

Services include requirements management, software verification, configuration management, systems engineering and IT security.

CODIS was competed as a task order under the Alliant 2 vehicle. NTT Data and GovCIO were the only bidders.