DISA pursues 5G network for CISA's emergency comms

Gettyimages.com/Bussarin Rinchumrus

A new sources sought notice describes the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency's desire for priority voice, data and video communications.

The Defense Information Systems Agency has kicked its development of a cloud computing contract for the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency that will create a nationwide telecommunication network.

Part of the new sources sought notice is asking whether there are enough small businesses to make the contract a set-aside procurement.

CISA wants a network that can provide priority communications during a crisis. The agency wants a U.S.-owned cloud-based telecommunications network that is built on 5G technology for voice and data, video and information services.

The network would support national security and emergency preparedness users, referred to by the acronym NS/EP.

CISA has four mission imperatives:

  • Priority voice
  • Priority data
  • Priority video
  • NS/EP mission operations, which the notice describes as the ability to authenticate users.

CISA also wants six support capabilities:

  • Performance management
  • Service management
  • Fraud management
  • User assistance
  • Usage reporting
  • User management

Some of the other requirements include security, anonymity, restorability and international connectivity. The agency also wants interoperability, mobility and ubiquitous coverage.

All NS/EP users apparently are not equal. The sources sought notice includes a provision for enhanced priority treatment, which is described as the ability to differentiate between NS/EP users according to their profiles.

Comments are due June 7.