Accenture adds to TSA portfolio Tran

Under the FAST blanket purchase agreement, Accenture Federal Services will support airport security operations.

Accenture Federal Services has added another vehicle to its portfolio supporting Transportation Security Administration, this time capturing one of the agency's FAST blanket purchase agreements.

The Flexible Agile Scalable Teams contracts are a group of BPAs that TSA has awarded over the last two years.

Accenture Federal’s portion will support TSA’s security operations at 440 U.S. airports and another 280 airports globally.

Under the BPA, the company will deliver agile design and development capabilities along with testing and maintenance. Accenture will also introduce mobile and cloud computing technologies.

The FAST win adds to other work Accenture is doing at TSA. That portfolio includes $199 million contract to support and consolidate TSA’s credentialing systems, and a $199 million contract to support TSA’s Secure Flight System prescreening program.

Accenture Federal's BPA is worth up to $170 million. Other companies who have won BPAs under the FAST program include IBM, Deloitte and Guidehouse.