FBI reveals the 95 ITSSS-2 winners


The FBI took more than a week from first announcing the awards to publishing the list of companies that won spots on the $7 billion IT pact, but those names are now out.

The FBI has finally released the full roster of 95 companies that won spots on its potential eight-year, $7 billion ITSSS-2 blanket purchase agreement.

The agency split awards between 31 full-and-open winners and 64 small businesses.

ITSSS-2 will be the FBI's main vehicle to purchase a wide range of IT products and services, standardize how it buys them and forecast the purchases. The BPA has one initial base year and up to seven individual option years.

Now the FBI will move to kick off a series of information sessions for the group of primes and the agency's users of the contract.

The FBI first announced on May 24 that it had made the awards, but delayed the release of the names.

Click here to download the list of winners. A total number of bidders is not known at this time.

We will continue to track the contract, in case protests are filed. ITSSS-2 was subject to multiple protests during its pre-award phase.