Multiple protests hit LOGCAP V task orders

A handful of orders are hit with protests and counter-protests as the four primes for the Army's global logistics vehicle compete for work.

A series of bid protests have been filed over a set of task orders related to the Army’s massive Logistics Civil Augmentation Program known as LOGCAP V.

The task orders under dispute are for prepositioning military stock services in various locations around the world including afloat.

Task order APS-2 covers materials in Europe and was won by KBR. A joint venture of Amentum and Parsons is protesting the $306.8 million award.

APS-3 covers Charleston, South Carolina, and afloat and was won by the Amentum-Parsons JV. KBR and V2X are protesting that $75.2 million award.

APS-4 covers Korea and Japan and was won by the Amentum-Parsons JV $63.7 million ceiling value. KBR and V2X are protesting that award.

APS-5 covers Kuwait and was won by the Amentum-Parsons JV. It is worth $128.2 million and is being protested by V2X.

The different protests share common complaints around how technical and management proposals were evaluated, how past performance records were weighed and how the Army made its best value tradeoff decisions.

V2X also raised questions about the price realism evaluation the Army conducted.

LOGCAP V, KBR and Vectrus have been the largest recipients of LOGCAP V obligations since it was awarded in 2019. KBR has taken in $4.6 billion with V2X at $3.2 billion, according to GovTribe data. V2X was created in 2022 through the merger of Vectrus and Vertex.

The protests were filed on June 26 and decisions from the Government Accountability Office are due by Oct. 4.

LOGCAP V runs through 2030 and has an $82 billion ceiling.