FBI remains silent on who won ITSSS-2

Gettyimages.com/ urbazon

A full week has passed since the FBI said it made 95 awards for the $7 billion IT pact, but there is no official word on who those winners are.

The FBI announced on May 23, a week ago, that it made 95 awards as part of the ITSSS-2 blanket purchase agreement.

But one crucial piece of information remains missing – who the actual winners are.

An FBI spokesperson told me today (Friday) that the agency would release a list of winners soon, but not in time for today’s deadline.

We and other publications have confirmed several of the winners. For example, ManTech International and Peraton have both told me they won spots.

Clearly there is no prohibition against telling the world that you’ve won. Which leaves me perplexed on why the FBI is hesitant to name all of the winners.

ITSSS-2 is a $7 billion vehicle with 31 full-and-open winners and 64 small businesses. Time to tell the world and it is irksome that it hasn't happened.

The blanket purchase agreement is called the IT Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation and has been years in the making.

An earlier version was cancelled in 2020 after protests derailed it. At that time, it was known as the IT Enterprise Services Contract.

The FBI resurrected the effort in June 2023 under the new ITSSS-2 moniker and released the solicitation

More protests followed and that led to some corrective actions. One last pre-award protest was denied in early May.

With its history of protests, the FBI could be waiting to finish debriefings with disappointed bidders before it releases the names of the winning companies.

We should know by mid-June or a little later whether there will be any protests, which certainly will come soon.

In the meantime: please release those names FBI. No reason not to.