WT 360: NextGov/FCW's Natalie Alms on modernization challenges

Gettyimages.com/Anastasiia Krivenok

Our NextGov/FCW colleague Natalie Alms jumps in to overview the government's ongoing challenges in artificial intelligence and customer experience.

The federal government has several large technology initiatives underway such as improving customer experience and leveraging artificial intelligence. Those issues are at the heart of what Natalie Alms writes about for NextGov/FCW, one of several sibling publications for Washington Technology.

She dives into those topics and more in this conversation with WT Editor Nick Wakeman. 

From her perch, Natalie has a unique perspective on the challenges agencies face in trying to modernize how they provide services to citizens. She explains that while AI holds great promise to improve how the government operates, there are also many hurdles to clear.

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