WT 360: Astrion's quest to become the next great mid-tier

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What does it take to build a great mid-sized contractor? Astrion CEO Dave Zolet answers that question and explains the company's path to get there, along with his perspective on why the middle market is a good place to be.

Dave Zolet, CEO of the newly-formed Astrion, has set an aggressive goal to double its annual revenue to around $1.5 billion in three years. That’s the needed size and scale to be a formidable mid-tier player today and fill a sweet spot in the market, Zolet says in this episode.

The 2,800-employee company was created through a pair of acquisitions by private equity firm Brightstar Capital. Zolet is busy creating a new company culture that he calls the "Astrion Way" -- a blend of technical skills with deep customer knowledge and focus. 

As Zolet tells our Editor Nick Wakeman, he wants Astrion to be a company that can look around the corner and see what's coming so it can bring solutions to customers that help them meet their missions faster and more efficiently.

Zolet shares the company strategy and future plans in this conversation.

This is episode three in our 2024 series on mergers and acquisitions across the government market.

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