2011 M&A Round Up

84 deals that are reshaping the market

We collect all the mergers and acquisitions that closed during 2011 in the government services market.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/3/2011 J.H. Whitney Capital Partners LLC Jorge Scientific Corp. NA
1/4/2011 A-T Solutions Inc. Innovative Technology Systems Inc. NA
1/5/2011 Pragmatics Inc. Innovative Solutions International Inc. NA
1/16/2011 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center LLC from Sikorsky NA
1/18/2011 BAE SYSTEMS Stratsec $23.0
1/31/2011 Jorge Scientific Corp. Federal Concepts LLC NA
1/31/2011 Raytheon Co. Applied Signal Technology $490.0
2/10/2011 Information Services Group STA Consulting NA
2/14/2011 ManTech International Corp. TranTech Inc. $21.6
2/15/2011 BAE SYSTEMS L-1 Intelligence Services Group $303.0
2/25/2011 CAE Inc. Technology Assisted Learning business from RTI International NA
3/2/2011 Salient Federal Solutions Command Information Inc./AnviCom Inc. NA
3/31/2011 KeyW Corp. JKA Technologies Inc. $13.0
3/31/2011 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. Herley Industries NA
4/1/2011 Ares Management LLC Global Defense & Technology Systems Inc. $313.5
4/4/2011 NCI Information Systems Inc. AdvanceMed Corp. from CSC $62.0
4/5/2011 Lindsay Goldberg LLC Pacific Architects and Engineers from Lockheed Martin NA
4/6/2011 CA Technologies Base Technologies NA
4/12/2011 Ariel Way Inc. Government-Buys Inc. $1.1
4/12/2011 Artech Information Systems LLC Government-Buys Inc. $1.1
4/15/2011 URS Corp. BP Barber NA
5/2/2011 KeyW Corp. Forbes Analytic Software Inc. $16.7
5/4/2011 MasTec North America Inc. CAMCOM Inc. $4.7
5/9/2011 Fulcrum IT Dataline LLC's IT group NA
5/11/2011 3i-MIND Technologies iJET International Inc. NA
5/13/2011 Camber Corp. EADS North America Defense Security and Systems Solutions Inc. NA
5/15/2011 CENTRA Technology Inc. Strategic Solutions Unlimited NA
5/31/2011 MCR LLC JB&A Inc. NA
6/2/2011 Torch Hill Investment Partners and TPG Growth Artel Inc. NA
6/2/2011 URS Corp. Apptis Holdings $260.0
6/3/2011 TASC Inc. TexelTek NA
6/6/2011 VSE Corp. Wheeler Brothers Inc. $180.0
6/7/2011 Electronic Consulting Services Inc. Oak Management Inc. NA
6/17/2011 J.F. Lehman & Co. US Joiner LLC NA
6/28/2011 Ducommun Inc. LaBarge Inc. $338.1
7/1/2011 Arlington, Va. Pangia Technologies LLC NA
7/1/2011 Information International Associates Inc. Ruland Associates Inc. NA
7/7/2011 National Security Partners Inc. Point One LLC and FuGEN Inc. NA
7/8/2011 Dynamics Research Corp. High Performance Technologies Inc. $143.0
7/11/2011 Moelis Capital Partners CyberCore Technologies NA
7/18/2011 GENERAL DYNAMICS Network Connectivity Solutions Corp. NA
7/18/2011 Thomson Reuters Corp. Manatron NA
7/20/2011 Providence Equity Partners SRA International Inc. $1,880.0
7/25/2011 GENERAL DYNAMICS Fortress Technologies Inc. NA
7/28/2011 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. Integral Systems Inc. $266
8/10/2011 Boeing Solutions Made Simple Inc. NA
8/12/2011 CH2M Hill State and local govt. transportation consulting from Booz Allen $28.5
8/16/2011 GTSI Corp. InSysCo NA
8/17/2011 KeyW Corp. Flight Landata $30.0
8/31/2011 LinQuest Corp. Mosaic NA
9/1/2011 CACI International Inc. Paradigm Holdings Inc. $61.5
9/1/2011 Computer Sciences Corp. Maricom Systems Inc. NA
9/8/2011 KS International [DC Capital Partners LLC] Project Management Services Inc. NA
9/22/2011 Sotera Defense Solutions Inc. Software Process Technologies Inc. NA
9/27/2011 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. QTC Holdings Inc. NA
9/29/2011 Ultra Electronics Holdings plc AEP Networks $57.5
9/30/2011 GENERAL DYNAMICS Vangent Holding Corp. $960.0
9/30/2011 Tetra Tech Inc. PRO-telligent LLC NA
10/1/2011 Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc. Defense Support Services LLC NA
10/3/2011 CACI International Inc. Advanced Programs Group NA
10/4/2011 Salient Federal Solutions Dataline electronic security systems division NA
10/7/2011 IBM CORP. i2 Inc. NA
10/11/2011 National Security Partners Inc. Summit Solutions NA
10/19/2011 Airbus Metron Aviation NA
11/1/2011 Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. Safety and Ecology Holdings $19.4
11/7/2011 Grant Thornton LLP Computer Technology Associates' Health Solutions division NA
11/15/2011 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions SecureInfo Corp. $17.5
11/15/2011 Parsons Corp. Sparta Inc. from Cobham $350.0
11/16/2011 ManTech International Corp. Worldwide Information Network Systems Inc. $90.0
11/21/2011 The Halifax Group XL Associates NA
11/22/2011 OMNIPOL ERA business from SRA International NA
12/1/2011 Electronic Consulting Services Inc. Paradigm Technologies Inc. NA
12/5/2011 Raytheon Co. Pikewerks Corp. NA
12/5/2011 Ultra Electronics Holdings plc Zu Industries $77.0
12/14/2011 Technology Service Corp. Praxis Inc. NA
12/16/2011 HMS Holdings Corp. HealthDataInsights Inc. $400.0
12/22/2011 J.F. Lehman & Co. Doss Aviation NA
12/29/2011 Raytheon Co. Henggeler Computer Consultants NA
12/30/2011 Mercury Computer Systems Inc. KOR Electronics $70.0
12/31/2011 ICF INTERNATIONAL Ironworks Consulting $100
12/31/2011 Sotera Defense Solutions Inc. Potomac Fusion Inc. NA