2019 M&A Round Up

118 deals that are reshaping the market

Our annual M&A report includes all of the closed deals as well as our analysis of the top deals and other trends driving mergers and acquisitions in today's market.

Who made 2019's Top Deals

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/8/2019 PARSONS CORP, OGSystems $300,000,000
1/9/2019 Advanced Core Concepts CyberSpace Operations Consulting N/A
1/9/2019 Hui Huliau AC4S N/A
1/9/2019 Planned Systems International QuarterLine N/A
1/14/2019 Concept Plus, LLC Dougherty & Associates, Inc. (DAI Solutions) N/A
1/14/2019 SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. Engility $2,500,000,000
1/15/2019 Culmen International Centrifuge Systems N/A
1/17/2019 Hockeypuk Security Consulting Special Aerospace Security Services N/A
1/17/2019 HII, (formerly Huntington Ingalls Industries) Fulcrum IT $193,000,000
1/22/2019 Enlightenment Capital System High N/A
1/22/2019 VT Group National Technologies Associates N/A
1/28/2019 ASGN DHA Group N/A
1/28/2019 CACI Mastodon Design N/A
2/4/2019 IPKeys Technologies LLC SigmaFlow, LLC N/A
2/5/2019 LMI Consulting The Tauri Group N/A
2/8/2019 Bluestone Investment Partners Quadel Consulting & Training N/A
2/13/2019 Applied Insight Applied Technology Group N/A
2/14/2019 Perforce Software, Inc. Rogue Wave Software, Inc. N/A
2/18/2019 BlackFish Federal LLC AMTIS N/A
2/18/2019 Chart National Sequoia Holdings N/A
2/25/2019 Hexagon AB Thermopylae Sciences and Technology N/A
3/1/2019 CACI LGS $750,000,000
3/1/2019 GENERAL DYNAMICS Deep Learning Analytics N/A
3/6/2019 APPLIED RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, INC Weston Geophysical N/A
3/6/2019 Tyto Athene Island IT Consultants N/A
3/7/2019 Tyler Technologies, Inc. MicroPact, Inc. N/A
3/15/2019 DFW Capital Sev1Tech N/A
3/15/2019 Gryphon Technologies Schafer Intermediate Holding, a subsidiary of Belcan N/A
3/25/2019 By Light IT Services Phacil N/A
3/26/2019 MAG Aerospace Encore Aviation & Encore Helicopter N/A
4/1/2019 NTT Data State Healthcare Consulting Business of Cognosante N/A
4/2/2019 ManTech Kforce Government Solutions $115,000,000
4/3/2019 Tetra Tech eGlobalTech N/A
4/10/2019 EverWatch Northwood Global Solutions N/A
4/22/2019 Enlightenment Capital Trowbridge & Trowbridge N/A
4/30/2019 Arlington Capital Partners Octo Consulting Group N/A
5/1/2019 Enroute Computer Solutions Sunhillo Technical Services N/A
5/6/2019 Macquarie Capital Dovel Technologies, Inc. N/A
5/8/2019 Envistacom Fast Fit Technologies N/A
5/16/2019 By Light IT Services Metova Federal N/A
6/4/2019 IIA Technologies KeyLogic Systems N/A
6/5/2019 Bootstrap Capital and Management Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions N/A
6/11/2019 CACI MooD Enterprises N/A
6/11/2019 DLH Holdings Corporation Social & Scientific Systems N/A
6/12/2019 JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP INC KeyW $946,000,000
6/17/2019 CM Equity JANUS Research Group N/A
6/17/2019 PERATON INC. Solers N/A
6/21/2019 METIS Solutions management buyout Pluribus N/A
6/24/2019 The Poarch Band of Creek Indians Integrated Federal Solutions N/A
6/30/2019 CoventBridge AdvanceMed, a subsidiary of NCI N/A
7/1/2019 A-TEK Mackson Consulting N/A
7/1/2019 Gryphon Technologies PGFM Solutions N/A
7/1/2019 SRC SAZE Technologies N/A
7/8/2019 V2X Advantor Systems $44,000,000
7/9/2019 SOS INTERNATIONAL LLC (SOSI) Vykin Corporation N/A
7/18/2019 BlackHorse Solutions Amp+ Corp N/A
7/21/2019 Systems Planning and Analysis Veracity Forecasting and Analysis N/A
7/23/2019 Octo Consulting Connexta N/A
7/24/2019 ClearSky-led Investor Consortium (ClearSky, McNally Capital, Nio Advisors) Altamira Technologies N/A
7/31/2019 PARSONS CORP, QRC Technologies $215,000,000
7/31/2019 PERSPECTA INC. Knight Point Systems $250,000,000
7/31/2019 Vaco, LLC MorganFranklin Consulting, LLC N/A
8/1/2019 E3 / Sentinel Data Works N/A
8/1/2019 Serco Alion's naval systems business unit $225,000,000
8/5/2019 Acorn Growth Companies Robbins-Gioia N/A
8/7/2019 Exiger Convergent Solutions N/A
8/7/2019 LEIDOS IMX Medical Management Services $95,000,000
8/7/2019 System One Holdings, LLC Cohesion Consulting, LLC N/A
8/9/2019 ManTech H2M Group N/A
8/13/2019 Converged Security Solutions Maverick Cyber-Defense N/A
8/30/2019 CGI GROUP Sunflower Systems, LLC N/A
8/30/2019 DC Capital Partners, LLC Tresys Technology, LLC N/A
8/30/2019 New Mountain Capital Ontario Systems N/A
9/3/2019 RED RIVER TECHNOLOGY Computer Word Processing Systems, Inc. N/A
9/4/2019 AE Industrial Partners Triman Industries N/A
9/4/2019 DOVEL TECHNOLOGIES INC. Ace Info Solutions N/A
9/4/2019 Sev1Tech Engineering Solutions and Products N/A
9/5/2019 OpenGov Inc. ViewPoint Government Solutions, Inc. N/A
9/10/2019 Dinocrates Group, LLC Global Management Systems, Inc. N/A
9/12/2019 Advanced Core Concepts Universal Technology Corporation N/A
9/13/2019 ettain Group Commercial EHR Consulting Business of Leidos N/A
9/24/2019 Centauri Kord Technologies N/A
9/25/2019 The Aluet Corporation Strata-G Solutions N/A
9/26/2019 By Light IT Services Cole Engineering Services N/A
10/1/2019 VT Group DELTA Resources N/A
10/5/2019 Bluestone Investment Partners Intrepid Solutions and Services Inc N/A
10/11/2019 Guidehouse, LLP Navigant Consulting, Inc. N/A
10/11/2019 Hui Huliau LNO N/A
10/15/2019 Marlin Equity Partners Whitlock Group N/A
10/15/2019 Vigor Industrial MHI Holdings N/A
10/17/2019 MartinFederal Consulting, LLC FYI N/A
10/17/2019 WBB BRTRC Federal Solutions N/A
10/18/2019 ORACLE-CERNER AbleVets $75,000,000
10/22/2019 Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners ettain group Inc. N/A
10/22/2019 Arlington Capital Partners AEgis Technologies N/A
10/24/2019 ettain Group Global Employment Solutions N/A
10/30/2019 CACI Deep3 N/A
11/1/2019 LMI Consulting Clockwork Solutions N/A
11/5/2019 LinQuest The Perduco Group N/A
11/19/2019 Intrepid Solutions BWM Outcomes N/A
11/21/2019 CUBIC CORP. PIXIA $250,000,000
11/25/2019 BioNovelus Corvus Consulting N/A
11/28/2019 DAI Human Dynamics N/A
12/2/2019 Patriot Technologies, Inc. Communication Technologies & Consulting, LLC N/A
12/2/2019 Tech Data Corporation DLT Solutions, Inc. N/A
12/9/2019 E3 / Sentinel Operational Intelligence N/A
12/11/2019 Belcan Base2Solutions N/A
12/11/2019 Centauri The Design Knowledge Company N/A
12/19/2019 BC Partners Presidio, Inc. N/A
12/20/2019 QinetiQ MTEQ $125,000,000

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