2011 Budget

Savvy agencies want IT that lowers costs, improves efficiencies

The economic crisis and government budget cuts may be forcing feds to tighten their belts, but that hasn't stopped them from embracing today's latest technology, according to a new survey. In fact, it's those new tech solutions that are helping them survive during the cash crunch.

Push on for more defense cuts

The House Appropriations Committee has proposed spending caps for its 12 subcommittees to trim billions of dollars from the fiscal 2012 budget.

Maryland contractors worry about future contracts

Maryland contractors are nervous about the impact of the recent spending resolution.

Is a $750B market a reason to despair?

FedSources' Ray Bjorklund reports on the state of the government market and predicts some tough times ahead. But where should you look for the bright spots?

Pitfalls to avoid in a down market

The best strategy in a tough market is to focus on core customers and resist the temptation to bid on everything and rush into new markets.

Defense industry's confidence shaken by budget battles

The continuing resolutions paralyzed defense spending for months, and the damage remains even after the budget passes.

What will the budget impact be on DOD?

Defense spending will face significant squeezing just like the rest of the federal government, according to President Obama, but DOD officials question where to make further cuts.

Agencies recover from shutdown threat

The government held conferences, federal websites were running, and agencies were tweeting as normal today after a government shutdown was averted.

Shutdown update: What's the impact?

Editor Nick Wakeman wonders what impact, if any, the shutdown's near miss will have on the market.

Undoing shutdown prep -- tell us about your week

Many agencies spent last week preparing for a shutdown and now have to undo their preparations -- or maybe hold off a few days. Tell us about your experience.

Shutdown, furloughs averted at the 11th hour

Averting a government shutdown at almost literally the 11th hour, Congressional leaders reached agreement on the fiscal 2011 budget.

GSA plans would ease effects of shutdown, administrator says

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson tells anxious contractors that a government shutdown "would be a real disrupter" but the agency has had plans in place since the last shutdown in 1995 to ease the effects of any new closure.

Stay updated during the shutdown

FCW will continue delivering timely information to our readers, even if the government shuts down.

Contractors brace for shutdown

Companies have options on what to do if the government closes, but a shutdown carries many unknowns.

Shutdown impact on DOD uncertain, but ominous

The Defense Department is closely studying its authorities to determine how to keep department functioning if the government shuts down.

Conference offers shutdown guarantee

Want to attend a conference but afraid you'll be furloughed when it happens? At least one organizer says, 'No problem!'

What your customers face if the shutdown comes

Although President Barack Obama has repeatedly denounced a government shutdown in recent weeks, officials in his administration say they are cognizant that funding for the government expires April 8 and contingency plans are being prepared.