Abt wins EPA task order for communications support

Abt Associates has been awarded a communications support task order from the EPA's Climate Change Division.

Two more big names join list of Eagle II protestors

DHS faces increasing pressure to take action as more large businesses join the protest of the $22 billion Eagle II contract. Who's the latest to join and actions might DHS take?

Big names start protesting Eagle II

Pressure is mounting on the Homeland Security Department and the troubled Eagle II contract as more large businesses join the wave of companies protesting the procurement.

GD fights for $850M student loan contract

General Dynamics is protesting an $850 million contract won by Maximus to help the Office of Federal Student Aid manage its debt management and collections processes.

A-T Solutions buys risk management firm

A-T Solutions makes a deal for GreenLine, a small company that uses big data and predictive analytics to identify the risk posed by ships, cargo and people crossing a country's borders.

Forest Service explores IT needs for security program

The U.S. Forest Service is looking for information on the best way to acquire a full range of IT services for the Comprehensive and Robust Information Security, or CRIS2 program.

Is IBM waving the white flag in battle for CIA contract?

IBM says it won't ask for an injunction to stop Amazon from working on a $600 million CIA cloud contract, essentially ending its fight for the contract. What have we learned, and what questions still remain?

CMS taps 'general contractor' to over see fixes

Quality Software Services has been tapped by CMS to be the "general contractor" the agency needs to oversee fixes to the troubled portal, a role the agency had been handling on its own.

Does the debacle point to bigger problems?

Maybe's disastrous launch wasn't the fault of any individual contractor, but its failings put a spotlight on a recurring problem with government projects: too often contractors and their government customers forget that IT is a team sport, and you almost always fail if you don't pull together.

State Department explores more IT consolidation

The State Department wants to know if new technologies can help it further consolidate its IT management and drive down costs of both its domestic and overseas infrastructures.

IBM captures GSA contract to manage $1B in transactions

Big Blue to offer end-to-end services including critical cloud servces to the GSA Global Supply, which provides commercial goods and services to government customers around the world.

Nominations open for FCW’s 25th Annual Federal 100 Awards

The nomination period for FCW’s 25th Annual Federal 100 Awards is now open, with a deadline of Dec. 23.

FEMA developing contract for emergency communications

Agency issues RFI to collect information on communications solutions that can connect temporary field offices to headquarters and other FEMA facilities during an emergency.

Avaya joins fight for Customs contract

Avaya Government Solutions has added its own protest to a Customs and Border Protection contract awarded to Lockheed Martin. Incumbent IBM Corp. filed a protest earlier this month after losing the ACE contract, which it has held since 2001.

GSA wants big data solution for travel spending

GSA releases request for information as it develops a contract to bring the power of data analytics to travel expenses and ultimately lower costs.

Is DHS dysfunction hurting your business?

As DHS struggles to get Eagle II out the door, its components are turning to other vehicles, and a growing leadership vacuum isn't helping matters.

What we know and don't know about the $6B CDM contract

Seventeen companies won spots on DHS's $6 billion cybersecurity contract, and many think the contract will change how the government buys cybersecurity products and services; however, there are still some significant unknowns, and DHS's relative silence on the program isn't helping anything.