CISA rolls out secure software attestation form

A repository for software attestation submissions will be available later in March.

Nearly 300 comment on proposed CMMC rule

The Defense Department now has to process and respond to the comments before it issues the final version of the industry-wide rule in the fall.

WT 360: CMMC lessons from the voluntary assessment program

Derek Kernus explains how his company went through the Defense Department's assessment process for complying with the standards at the heart of CMMC, the rule that will lay out how contractors protect information on their systems.

CMMC's effective date appears likely to be early 2025

The Defense Department needs to adjudicate comments and Congress needs to review the final rule on how contractors protect information before the standard takes effect.

Experts expect some support for small businesses facing CMMC compliance

The Pentagon’s draft CMMC rule doesn’t exempt small firms from the security standards for defense contractors and subcontractors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t receive any help meeting the requirements.

Five lessons learned as you prepare for CMMC

Cybersecurity expert Derek Kernus explains what was learned when a small business client went through a voluntary Defense Department assessment of how it protects controlled, unclassified information, meeting many of the CMMC requirements.

WT 360: A look inside GovCon's crystal ball for 2024

Stephanie Smith, RSM's GovCon guru and our first guest for 2024, lays out key themes and discussion points that are poised to shape the industry during this new year.

CMMC hot take: What stands out in the draft rule

This video conversation features Matt Travis, CEO of the Cyber AB, and Eric Crusius, partner with Holland & Knight, who give their first impressions on the draft CMMC rule and where things go from here.

Five things to remember about CMMC

The draft rule for how government contractors will protect their customers' information is long and defense as it was two years in the making, but here are five things to keep in mind in putting together your comments.

DOD plans four-phase roll out of CMMC

The Defense Department expects companies will need two years to be fully compliant with this new standard for protecting information on their systems.

UPDATE: CMMC's proposed rule is published

After much anticipation, the proposed new standard for the defense industrial base's overall cyber posture is available for download now.

SBOMs are a needed ingredient but not the full recipe for software supply chain security

Validating the integrity of IT supply chains is critical to cybersecurity and includes the supply chain feeding software development.

Small business challenges and earlier compliance lessons for CMMC

In a new set of video interviews, we explore the challenges unique to small businesses regarding CMMC and what updates to the underlying cybersecurity standard mean for compliance.

Waiting game continues for release of draft CMMC rule

It appears the White House budget office has finished its review of the new industry-wide cybersecurity standard ahead of the final unveiling.

Congress takes up software supply chain security

The FITARA scorecard could become a vehicle for measuring agency progress against the administration's software security goals.

What can you do now to prepare for CMMC?

In the first of a series of videos, we talk to informed observers about what contractors should be doing ahead of the release of the CMMC draft rule and how they should approach what promises to be a massive and complex document for this new cybersecurity standard.

A reader's guide to the upcoming draft CMMC rule

Market observers have advice on what to read and how to comment when the Defense Department releases its proposed cybersecurity rule for the industrial base.