FirstSource III protesters still somewhat in the competition

The Homeland Security Department is telling several companies they are unlikely to win a seat on this $10 billion commodity IT vehicle, so why are they still protesting?

Documentation issues nix Secret Service award to Deloitte

The Government Accountability Office also found fault in how the Secret Service investigated potential organizational conflict-of-interest issues.

Peraton's $2B DHA win clears protests

Family ties do not show there was a conflict-of-interest in this enterprise IT contract, according to a new bid protest ruling.

GSA’s Ascend cloud RFI emphasizes baseline requirements for vendors

The General Services Administration seeks feedback from the private sector on its highly anticipated one-stop shop for federal agencies seeking commercial cloud solutions.

Inside the rejection of Booz Allen's $1.4B DHA protest

A significant price gap existed between Booz Allen and the field, but the company was eliminated so early on that the difference didn't matter.

Patent and Trademark Office aims to partner with AI, emerging tech stakeholders

The partnership builds on years of previous innovation efforts in various tech fields.

Agency cancels contract with little explanation, and that's OK

Zolon PCS protested to find out why the Labor Department made that decision.

Guidehouse challenges NSA contract requirements

The National Security Agency wants help with its human resources operations, but Guidehouse argues that requirements in the solicitation are restricting competition.

Agencies stuck with tab for federal contractor pensions, taxpayer group says

The Citizens Against Government Waste taxpayer group is investigating the extent to which federal agencies are on the hook for expensive contractor pension benefits.

Omnibus bill would halt competitive sourcing

Both houses of Congress have approved a major spending bill for fiscal 2009 that includes a moratorium on new competitive sourcing projects.