Judge sets schedule for CIO-SP4 protests

The National Institutes of Health's IT arm has about four weeks to file its administrative record for the $50 billion CIO-SP4 IT contract, followed by other deadlines through the summer and fall.


NIST taps Analygence to help fix vulnerability database backlog

The standards agency has been unable to keep up with the inflow of system vulnerabilities being reported to its database.


FBI remains silent on who won ITSSS-2

A full week has passed since the FBI said it made 95 awards for the $7 billion IT pact, but there is no official word on who those winners are.


Guidehouse resurrects protest after a DOD award again goes to Deloitte

Guidehouse claims the Defense Department did not conduct an adequate investigation into claims that a DOD official had a potential conflict-of-interest.


DTRA chooses 9 for $4B counter-WMD tech contract

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency breaks out the awards in pools respectively focused on technology, operations and targeting.


General Dynamics IT secures $185M Air Force cyber contract

After weathering a protest challenge, GDIT will focus on cyber threats inside the Air Force's industrial control systems.


Interior awards 7 seats on $2B cloud license contract

This second iteration of the program focuses on the development of a cloud-based production environment and application migration.


Army lifts curtains on planned $1B software development contract

The Army calls out specific modern practices it wants to incorporate and asks industry about others that could work here too.


FBI says it has awarded $7B ITSSS-2 pact

The award notice lacks an actual list of winners, but does have 31 companies in the full-and-open track and 64 in the small business group.


AECOM pushes back on USAID award to Amentum

The companies are competing for a contract to support the rebuilding of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.


DISA pursues 5G network for CISA's emergency comms

A new sources sought notice describes the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency's desire for priority voice, data and video communications.


NASA reveals final SEWP VI solicitation

Companies have until July 11 to turn in their proposals for the potential $60 billion IT product vehicle.


DTRA opens proposal window for $3.5B counter-WMD contract

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency will choose up to eight companies for this recompete of a contract vehicle focused on partnerships with other nations.


Pentagon starts on-ramp for $249M AI staffing pact

All federal agencies have access to this set of basic ordering agreements that focus on program and technical management support.


One protester backs away from PACTS III challenge

The Homeland Security Department has changed parts of the solicitation for the $8.4 billion professional services vehicle as one protest ends and three others remain active.


Guidehouse protests classified ODNI contract

This is the company's second protest in two years involving the same contract with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


FAA chooses 14 for $2.4B IT contract vehicle

Awardees will compete for application and technology modernization work at Federal Aviation Administration facilities across the U.S.


IBM wins $279M USCIS application development job

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is looking to further iterate E-Verify, the programs that check an individual's eligibility for employment and benefits.


NOAA previews $8B services vehicle's 'Weather' domain

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration takes the next step in wrapping up all of the awards for its ProTech 2.0 small business vehicle.


More companies join CIO-SP4 protests

NITAAC is under a May 31 deadline to file its record of the procurement with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.