IG targets DARPA's director over favoritism allegation

DARPA may have a conflict of interest with a defense contractor closely tied to its director. The IG is launching a series of audits to find out.

Raytheon unit moves to Phase 2 of DARPA net upgrades

Raytheon BBN Technologies will create architectures, protocols and network devices that will improve network capabilities and integrity for tactical military units.

Raytheon to design information architecture for small satellites

Raytheon subsidiary BBN Technologies will design and integrate an information architecture for wireless small module satellites for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

SRI, DARPA partner on visual system for unmanned surveillance

With funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, SRI International Inc. is leading a team to design a visual intelligence system that will usher in a new era in unmanned robotic surveillance.

A truly galactic opportunity

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has issued a request for information for a "100-Year Starship Study" to push the idea of interstellar space travel.

Raytheon tasked with systems integration for DARPA project

Raytheon Co. has been awarded a $7 million contract from the Defense Department to provide systems integration services for DARPA.

DARPA director's ties to company questioned

Regina Dugan, director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, founded one of the 14 companies awarded a $400,000 agency contract.

Alion puts Guard Dog through its paces for DARPA

Alion Science and Technology Corp. will conduct performance evaluations on the Graph Understanding and Analysis for Rapid Detection – Deployed On the Ground (Guard Dog) program, under a three-year, $4.5 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

DARPA plans tools to lighten load of battlefield data

DARPA's Insight program will develop automated tools to help human analysts sift and identify valuable battlefied data from a variety of information sources and platforms.

DARPA aims for fiber-optic link between warfighters' minds, bodies

An award to Southern Methodist University will fund development of two-way, fiber-optic communication between prosthetic limbs and the wearer’s peripheral nerves, reports blogger Brian Robinson.

Can technology erode a mountain of classified documents?

DARPA solicits bids for new technologies to help declassify the mountains of U.S. government classified data.

DARPA lays out bedrock R&D privacy principles

Some folks at DARPA have come up with a set of privacy principles that offer some hope that privacy could become a part of fundamental technology R&D, writes blogger Brian Robinson.

DARPA crowdsourcing chief joins Microsoft

Peter Lee, head of DARPA's Transformational Convergence Technology Office, is stepping down to join Microsoft.

Raytheon’s DARPA translation work moves into next phase

Raytheon BBN Technologies has received an additional $6.14 million in funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to continue work on the Multilingual Automatic Document Classification, Analysis and Translation program.

Military, intell agencies dismiss DARPA-led cyber range

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency may be getting squeezed out of the competition to build a test range for potential cyber security solutions.

Raytheon gets DARPA extension for translation program

BBN Technologies, a subsidiary of Raytheon Co., has been awarded an additional $17 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to complete the five-year Global Autonomous Language Exploitation program, known as GALE.

Former DARPA chief joins policy institute's board

Anthony Tether has joined the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies' board of regents.