Data and Analytics

5 IT predictions for 2016

2016 will be an exciting time to work in the public sector as new innovations come to the fore and existing initiatives start to bear fruit. Maximus Federal President Thomas Romeo shares his top picks for 2016.

Innovation achieved through teamwork and is crucial to future of security

With the federal marketplace so ripe with opportunities for emerging technologies such as mobility, big data and the cloud, you hear the word “innovation” a lot, but author and journalist Walter Isaacson warned that it is easy to lose sight of what it means to be innovative.

Accenture, Amazon Web Services form business group, aim to boost cloud migration

Accenture and Amazon Web Services are teaming up make migration to the cloud easier for federal agencies.

Big data pays dividends but adoption still slow

Government officials say that big data helps them make better decisions, but a new Unisys survey points to other issues that are slowing adoption.

What 5 trends are driving a new digital economy?

Accenture has identified five emerging trends that reflect the impact that technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud are having on digital businesses and governments.

Splunk to be backbone for critical F-35 system

Splunk is lending a big hand to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II program thanks to a subcontract that the company won to watch over some of the fighter's most critical systems.

Inside DHS' big data opportunity

DHS has four big data programs in the works that will improve operations and decision making. immixGroup consultant Tomas O'Keefe describes what you should know.

Is the Apple-IBM partnership a game-changer?

A new partnership between Apple and IBM could have a huge impact on the futre of mobile enterprise computing. FCW reporter Adam Mazmanian explores what the coupling of mobile, the cloud and data analytics will mean in the government market.

CMS quietly makes $7B contract award

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare have been making awards under its $7 billion RMADA contract for research and analytics work, so far only one company has gone public as a winner. CMS hasn't made its own announcement yet. Why nada on RMADA?

Navy wants to build big data ecosystem

The Navy wants to kick off a research effort to develop a Naval Big Data Ecosystem that will pull together information from a variety of sources to improve analytics that support the warfighter.

Will the Internet of Things change everything?

We look inside the emerging business opportunity around the Internet of Things and explore what it is, and what kind of opportunities it might mean for government contractors. Are you ready for the next big thing?

Challenges spell out opportunities in big data arena

At a NVTC event on Friday, leaders from industry and academia met to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the big data arena and they agreed that collaboration is critical.

Big data critical to health care industry, feds not quite prepared

Big data could have a significant impact on health care in the coming years, potentially improving population health management and preventative care, but federal agencies are still wading around in the early stages of adoption, according to a recent MeriTalk report.

Gens. Lawrence, Sorenson share insights on transformation

Whether it is everything as a service, cloud computing, big data or mobile, the government technology landscape is evolving quickly. Retired Lt. Gens. Susan Lawrence and Jeff Sorenson talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with change.

$45M up for grabs in DARPA big data push

DARPA is offering up to $45 million to 12 winners who can bring the potential to revolutionize the use of big data.

How data analytics can boost your performance

Fred Baradari explains how the use of data analytics can deliver better, cheaper results for customers, and help your company make better use of its resources.

Today's lessons from the biggest success of the dotcom era

Network Solutions was a financial blockbuster, but its lessons are more than just dollars and cents. It's an example of how powerful of the cooperation between government and industry can be.