Senator wants approvals for conference spending

Under a forthcoming bill, a senior agency official would have to give approval for any conference costing more than $200,000.

Congress calls GSA officials in wake of scandal

Lavish conference scandal brings GSA officials to face lawmakers' questions at four separate congressional hearings.

Doan defends Bush on conference spending

Doan said the Obama administration is diverting attention away from itself by blaming George W. Bush for a new scandal over a lavish conference.

Videoconferencing investments not affected by GSA Vegas scorcher

The ruckus raised by GSA resignations and the squandering of taxpayer dollars have not dissuaded the agency from its prior tele-investments.

GSA acting administrator vows tougher scrutiny of events

Agency leadership wants focus to stay on efficiency and cost-savings as GSA cancels several events and reviews its conference guidelines.

Cloud computing gets more complicated, govvies say

Federal executives find that the decision to migrate to the cloud is not just a go-no go decision.

GSA chief's resignation evokes sympathy, hope for reform

Industry experts call for significant reorganization and improved operational efficiency at vital agency.

GSA's stop-the-presses moment

Martha Johnson's resignation livened up a Monday afternoon.

GSA's leader steps down over wasteful spending report

Martha Johnson, two other top GSA officials, out as IG details extravagant spending and rules violations connected to Western Regions conference.

Can small business support governmentwide tablet procurement?

GSA issues an RFI to determine whether small businesses could supply tablet orders across government.

GSA renames $48B IT contract

GSA hopes OASIS will be a refreshing change from other contract vehicles.

GSA holds March Madness contest--for federal buildings

Everyone is familiar with the 16-bracket March Madness competition format for basketball, but what about putting federal buildings into those brackets and up for a vote?

Jim Ghiloni takes over new GSA program

Ghiloni will serve as the new head of GSA's Integrations, a new professional services contract.

HP assists GSA in strengthening government ID security

Under the USAccess program, HP will deliver identity credentials to secure federal facilities and ensure the identities of more than 500,000 federal employees and contractors.

GSA puts Integrations contract at $48B

GSA wants wide-ranging services contract to allay agencies' concerns about hard-to-specify contract requirements.

GSA moves forward with new professional services vehicle

The Integrations contract would address agencies' needs for professional services that span several types of areas that are often difficult to specify or quantify.

Guident wins GSA award for database, data warehouse support

Among other things, the award will strengthen the Business Objects platform for the Federal Acquisition Service's Office of the Chief Information Officer.

CGI awarded contract to transition GSA websites to the cloud

Contractor will provide public-cloud infrastructure management for the agency.

CSC tasked with hosting GSA apps infrastructure

Contractor will help GSA modernize its IT infrastructure by transitioning it to a technical framework and move to the cloud.

GSA demands IT companies provide security plans

GSA officials want security plans to describe how companies will properly secure information.