HII, Axient appoint new growth chiefs

One of these moves represents a new hire, while the second is a promotion after a series of acquisitions and integrations.

HII's tech segment captures record $1.4B win

The leadership team at HII's Mission Technologies segment views this network operations award as helping it cast a wider net across its industry and customer relationship networks.

Air Force chooses 46 firms for nearly $1B weapons testing tech contract

Awardees will compete to provide "highly-specialized technologies" for the testing and evaluation work.

Air Force chooses 3 dozen for $32B training system recompete

This is iteration number four of the Training Systems Acquisition vehicle that covers a broad range of products.

Army awards 12 seats on $450M modernization vehicle

Awardees will work on enabling and accelerating the branch's idea of overmatch for gaining overwhelming advantages over adversaries.

HII misses out on IT contract with low-ball staffing proposal

The federal court system's administrative agency said HII's personnel plan showed a lack of understanding about the work needed to be done.

HII sees acquisitions as bolstering growth beyond surface ships

The nation’s largest shipbuilder expects “mission tech” like artificial intelligence and undersea drones to outpace revenue from surface combatants.

Space Force chooses 18 companies for $900M data contract

The service branch prioritized commercial software offerings and current accreditations for the awardees' products.

HII, Northrop hire new strategy and business development leaders

This pair of blue chip defense hardware companies makes additions to their respective leadership teams.

HII elevates new chief information officer

The two-decade technology veteran joined HII upon its acquisition of Alion Science and Technology.

OK Boomer: what today’s young shipyard workers want

Chicken sandwiches and WiFi for starters, says the head of HII's Ingalls Shipbuilding segment.

Army chooses 30 firms for $906M counter-WMD support contract

U.S. government organizations responsible for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threat protection can acquire services through the contract.

HII's board of directors adds former Entergy chief exec

In his former role, the electric sector veteran led one of the country's main multi-state power suppliers.

HII sees its roots shaping its future too

The company's origin story as a military shipbuilder will continue even with its pivot to more tech-focused opportunities, HII's chief executive tells investors.

HII promotes new corporate tech chief

The shipbuilding giant continues to emphasize the technology integration leg of its overall strategy.

HII touts big win for its tech business amid other delays

The $826 million Defense Department win came through its 2021 Alion acquisition but it is hard to predict when the next big win will come because of customer delays.

HII rebrands its technology solutions business

Huntington Ingalls Industries also is now calling itself "HII" as the company pushes on its path to be more than a shipbuilder.