Navy wraps up awards for $250M undersea tech contract

Some of the program's core functional areas include payloads, propulsion, electrical power, guidance and control, and non-payload sensors.

L3Harris loses bid for $500M NASA satellite contract

The Government Accountability Office rejects all arguments over the award that went to Ball Aerospace.

L3Harris shares the plan for its other major integration

L3Harris Technologies' acquisition of a secure communication product business from Viasat put the buyer on an information sharing network for the U.S. military and NATO, which is in need of continuous hardware and software updates.

L3Harris to review its business after pact with major shareholder

The multinational hedge fund involved in this agreement will also be represented on the board of directors of L3Harris Technologies.

L3Harris to sell commercial aviation business

L3Harris Technologies' 2023 acquisition activity centered on the purchases of Aerojet Rocketdyne and the former Viasat secure data product business.

L3Harris gets deeper into the supply chain with Aerojet in its fold

L3Harris Technologies' acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne has given the company more visibility into stressed supply chains and vendor capacity issues facing the defense industrial base.

L3Harris sees plenty of flaws in NASA's $500M weather satellite contract

L3Harris says NASA didn't follow the solicitation and didn't account for an alleged conflict-of-interst in awarding the contract to Ball Aerospace.


On Day 1 of ownership, L3Harris pledges to invest in Aerojet Rocketdyne

In an interview, the new president of what is now a segment of L3Harris Technologies also touted the rocket-maker’s workforce.

L3Harris rejects fears it will deny Aerojet rockets to competitors

With the transaction now green-lighted for closure, L3Harris' chief executive describes to investors how the company will work as a merchant supplier of solid rocket motors across the defense industry.

Lockheed fears L3Harris will block access to Aerojet’s rockets

Lockheed Martin has begun making investments in other rocket makers amid its concern over what L3Harris Technologies' agreement to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne means.

Raytheon CEO 'would like certainty' out of L3Harris-Aerojet agreement

Greg Hayes also believes Aerojet Rocketdyne's work as a maker of solid rocket motors should improve if regulators greenlight its sale to L3Harris Technologies.

How partnerships drive the autonomy strategy for L3Harris

The president of L3Harris' integrated mission systems segment tells us about his company's collaboration with BigBear.ai and how that feeds into a larger push toward something new.

How L3Harris and Northrop look at capacity

Having the internal heft to meet demand during a surge is top of mind for these two defense hardware companies.

DLA chooses 9 firms for $3.2B 'C5ISR' supply contract

The Defense Logistics Agency's primary customer here is the Army, but other Defense Department and civilian agencies can also use the contract.

FAA selects Verizon for $2.4B telecommunications contract

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking to move toward a more modern network environment that is less defined by copper wires.

Business as usual: Regulators seek more info on L3Harris-Aerojet transaction

The Federal Trade Commission asking L3Harris Technologies "tell us more" about the acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne carries on the norm of lengthy antitrust reviews involving large defense industry transactions.

L3Harris to develop NOAA’s next-gen Earth imager under $765M award

The company will develop the imager to observe and monitor weather, oceans and the atmosphere.