Is the digital leash a blessing or a curse?

Without a doubt, smart phones have dramatically changed the workplace. But has it been for the better?

3 excellent reasons to ignore the Royal Wedding

Streaming video will encircle, nay, strangle the globe, and the Prattle Royale will continue all day. It might not be as pretty as you think.

D.C.'s 'worst' cell phone ranking smells like hot air

A J.D. Power survey ranked the Washington-Baltimore region last among 27 metro areas in cell phone service. But what did the survey really measure?

How would you spend $2,000?

If your agency gave you $2,000 to spend on mobile devices, what would you buy?

Apple's iOS makes enterprise gains, report says

Mobile security and solutions company Good Technology released a report showing iPhones and iPads making significant gains in the enterprise market.

Should federal employees lose their mobile phones?

California Gov. Jerry Brown is taking state-provided mobile phones away from about half of the state employees who currently have them. Should the federal government follow suit?

Apple's iPad to soon face new rivals

RIM and other computer makers are close to releasing new tablet computers to challenge Apple's iPad.

Intel to acquire McAfee for $7.68B

Blockbuster deal will let Intel provide hardware-based security.

Feds should watch Oracle lawsuit against Google

Oracle has sued Google over the use of Java in Google's Android operating system.

Yes, Canada is different

Globetrotter Steve Kelman's travels take him to the Great White North.

Emirates to block most BlackBerry services

Move by UAE to suspend BlackBerry services will affect local users and international travelers passing through the nation's airport.

Military likely to shun iPhone

As the military continues its search for the best battlefield smart phone, it’s looking increasingly doubtful that the iPhone will be a contender.

Microsoft should get a tablet partner, report says

Microsoft's Windows consumer empire is at stake if it doesn't quickly find a tablet device manufacturing partner.

HP shakes up mobile market with Palm acquisition

Hewlett-Packard Co. said today it has agreed to acquire Palm Inc., credited with creating the smart phone, for $1.2 billion.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be eager

The GCN Lab finds 10 reasons why feds will love the iPad, starting with a couple of things it doesn't have.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be wary

The GCN Lab has offered 10 reasons(plus a bonus reason) why iPads would be good for government use. But what's right for one user isn't always right for another. So here are 10 reasons why government employees might want to take a pass.

Think you want an iPad? Read this first!

Everyone seems to want an iPad, but is it worth it? Early reviews paint a muddled picture of iPad's pros and cons.

Put your broadband connection to the test

FCC adds tools to broadband plan Web site that can show you whether you're getting the speed you're paying for. Here's how to find out.

6 technologies that will grab your attention at FOSE

The GCN Lab offers a few ideas on new products worth checking out during this year's FOSE exposition.

Attack of the killer cell phones, Part 2

GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe responds to reader comments about cell phone health risks.