Peraton renews protests of Leidos' SSA wins

At least $500 million in Social Security IT work is at stake here.


Air Force to rethink $5.7B enterprise IT award to CACI

The service will look at conflict-of-interest allegations and how it evaluated proposals for this portion of its Enterprise IT as a Service effort.


Protests hit CACI's $5.7B Air Force win

Every other company that bid on the enterprise IT services contract wants at least a second chance at it.


Peraton gets second chance at $800M in Social Security IT work

The Social Security Administration will no longer conduct a price realism analysis, which was the main sticking point of Peraton's protest.


CACI renews fight for $343M TSA IT infrastructure contract

This protest saga is on again after the Transportation Security Agency chose a competitor for the second time.


PROJECT 38: An insider's view on Peraton's mega integrations

Peraton Chief Growth Officer Mike King tells Editor Nick Wakeman why the combinations with Perspecta and Northrop Grumman's IT business has been worth the billions of dollars and energy to turn three distinct companies into something new.


DHA names ineligible companies for $1.5B IT contract

The Defense Health Agency is looking to weed out potential conflicts of interest before they could arise.


Peraton's $2B DHA win clears protests

Family ties do not show there was a conflict-of-interest in this enterprise IT contract, according to a new bid protest ruling.

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Were Peraton's big-ticket acquisitions worth it?

We put that question (and many others) to Peraton Chief Growth Officer Mike King regarding the company's integrations of Perspecta and the former Northrop Grumman IT business.


Peraton makes acting civilian president's role permanent

The two-decade market veteran previously led the defense business before a realignment.


Battle for $2B DHA IT contract likely going the distance

All signs point to this being a waiting game on a Government Accountability Office ruling.


Conflict-of-interest claims in protests remain tough to prove

How well agencies document their decisions dictates the outcome of bid protests.


Protest fight over $2B DHA contract enters third round

The Defense Health Agency has now chosen Peraton three times over a $2 billion IT infrastructure contract and also faced protests in each instance, including this latest one.


Where CACI succeeded in its TSA IT infrastructure protest

The Government Accountability Office explains how it sided with CACI International's argument that the company properly scored in a bid to keep a $343 million Transportation Security Agency IT contract.


CACI wins round one in fight to keep $343M TSA IT contract

CACI International successfully argues the Transportation Security Agency made errors in choosing a competitor to manage IT infrastructure used by airports.


Peraton wins $339M NASA balloon operations recompete

The company inherited this work supporting scientific experiments through an acquisition in 2021.


Deloitte, ManTech get another chance at $2B Defense Health Agency contract

The Defense Health Agency will look at conflict of interest allegations leveled against Peraton and regarding how that company won a $2 billion enterprise IT contract.


Tradition continues: protest ties up $343M TSA IT contract

CACI International is the third incumbent to lose the recompete for an IT infrastructure contract with the Transportation Security Agency, and also the third to protest after not winning the award.


Is stagnation in the GovCon system getting worse?

Delays in all types of procurement activity at federal agencies are nothing new, but some executives say today's stagnation in the system is more pronounced.


More protest action likely in $400M State cyber saga

A newly-released protest decision offers insights into the conflict between General Dynamics IT and Peraton over a nearly $400 million State Department cyber contract, and also points the way to yet more arguing about who should win.