Contractors wait for more clarification in wake of Supreme Court's vaccine mandate decision

Supreme Court vaccine mandate decision doesn't apply to requirements on government contractors but there are still plenty of gray areas.

Online buying needs help from Congress

Legislation is needed to raise the ceiling on micropurchases and bring more competition to online purchasing, officials say.

Why the government isn't ready for sequestration

Only months from deadline, federal agencies are as unprepared as ever for massive budget cuts. What's the holdup?

Obama signs Sequestration Transparency Act

A new measure requires the Obama administration to provide to Congress detailed plans for the forced budget cuts that sequestration will bring.

Partisan fighing mars sequestration hearing

As a hearing intended to help prepare for the effects of sequestration degenerates into a partisan shouting match, one embarrassed congressman calls the event a 'spectacle.'

OMB kicks off sequestration planning process

With sequestration just five months away, OMB reaches out to agencies. What is its first step?

Sequestration fears making for long, hot summer

Contractors prepare for prospect of deep federal budget cuts should Congress fail to reach a budget agreement before the end of the year.

GSA takes closer look at IT portfolio

Following the release of the Digital Government Strategy, GSA CIO Casey Coleman says her agency will looks to review its IT portfolio as part of the federal IT reform.

Is Congress moving to spike sequestration?

Language in the 2013 Defense Authorization bill is attempting to avert mandatory budget cuts that some fear could seriously hamper the Defense Department's mission, including the impact on contractors.

Inside Obama's digital strategy

The government's push for more mobile access to information will impact devices, policies and infrastructures, but will it be good for business?

New defense rules might cost contractors money

New acquisition regulations are the most comprehensive change in federal contracting in several years. Are you ready to comply?

PSC seeks balance, thoughtful contracting in 2012

PSC plans to focus on fostering a balanced and innovative contracting environment.

No executive order for gay federal contractors

For now, President Obama won't be signing an executive order protecting homosexual workers from discrimination while contracting.

Pivotal policies of the past 25 years: What say you?

Help us identify the policies that have made the most difference in federal IT.

Pivotal policies of the past 25 years: What say you?

Help us identify the policies that have made the most difference in federal IT.

Will federal IT budgets ever see growth periods again?

Panel of experts predicts rough 18 months ahead interspersed with a few calm moments.

Army to exceed alternative-energy mandates

The Army predicts it will double the $400M required mandate within two years.