The Hill

Online buying needs help from Congress

Legislation is needed to raise the ceiling on micropurchases and bring more competition to online purchasing, officials say.

Tech refresh bills will be back, says DHS CIO

IT modernization funding efforts will be back, according to DHS CIO Luke McCormack, and agencies should still position agile, cloud and other capabilities to show they're moving into a modern environment.

Issa, Spires sketch visions for IT reform and CIO authority

House hearing on draft legislation explores budget authority, chains of command and the sheer number of agency CIOs.

Joe Jordan confirmed as OFPP administrator

After just five months of vacancy, OFPP has a new leader.

Deal reached to avert shutdown with only hours to spare

A late-night deal avoided a partial government shutdown, the fifth such occasion this year.

Government learns social media has a double edge

The public knows where to find your Facebook page and they're increasingly ready to use it to let you know what they think. Are you listening?

Shutdown redux: Early proposals rejected

The Senate has rejected two separate spending proposals. Now the clock is ticking again toward a possible government shutdown.

Government shutdown could get postponed

It now seems likely that a feared government shutdown at the end of this week will be averted, but the reprieve is only temporary. If Congress can't agree on a budget deal soon, the threat will return in two weeks.

GAO freshens up its list of high-risk programs

The Government Accountability Office today updated its list of high-risk government programs, removing some programs and adding a new one.

House panel proposes steep funding cuts for agencies

The House Appropriations Committee has mapped out its spending blueprint, including proposing double-digit cuts for some federal agencies.

Government reorganization taking first steps

The White House's plan to substantially reorganize the federal government is in its earliest stage, and still needs Congressional approval.

Funding rules might challenge Obama IT reform effort

When Federal CIO Vivek Kundra unveiled the White House IT management reform plan earlier this month, he said one of its toughest elements would be aligning the budget process with the technology cycle.

What key spending provisions will rise again in new Congress?

What will happen to the new insourcing policies, proposed federal pay freeze and agency IT budgets, now that the Senate omnibus funding bill has been withdrawn?

Bill would require agencies to designate chief operating officers

The Senate has passed legislation that would require federal agencies to set measurable performance goals and improve coordination to avoid duplication.

Federal shutdown a possibility

The federal government's money runs out at midnight Dec. 18 unless the Senate takes quick action.

Senate takes step toward better acquisition

Upgrading the institute and making sure it has enough money will ultimately lead to more effective oversight of government contracting, the measure's backers say.

Election aftershocks could hit IT agenda

No one in the federal IT community should be lulled into complacency by the thought that IT is a bipartisan issue, some officials say.