White House

White House team unveils new recommendations for U.S. semiconductor industry growth

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology introduced new advice to help successfully implement the CHIPS Act and develop an advanced U.S. semiconductor market.

A new regulation will bolster procurement for tribal businesses

The Interior Department’s final rule advances the president’s executive order on equity.

White House order covers contractor pay equity

The Biden administration issued an executive order on Tuesday calling on the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council to create new regulations around the use of past compensation in employment decisions.

Lockheed Martin will not give sequestration notice of mass layoffs

Contractors are not required to give advance notice of mass layoffs or facility closures before sequestration kicks in, with such costs being deemed allowable by the White House's recent guidance.

Obama signs Sequestration Transparency Act

A new measure requires the Obama administration to provide to Congress detailed plans for the forced budget cuts that sequestration will bring.

Partisan fighing mars sequestration hearing

As a hearing intended to help prepare for the effects of sequestration degenerates into a partisan shouting match, one embarrassed congressman calls the event a 'spectacle.'

Inside Obama's digital strategy

The government's push for more mobile access to information will impact devices, policies and infrastructures, but will it be good for business?

Chopra returns to consulting firm

Former Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra has returned to the firm where he previously spent nearly 10 years.

Federal CIO details IT forecast

Most IT investments will go toward modernization efforts and cybersecurity, according to Steven VanRoekel.

White House aide Tom Gavin to join IT trade group

Tom Gavin, special assistant to the president, is heading to the Information Technology Industry Council.

Chopra to step down

White House announces the federal CTO is planning a departure.

White House schedules Tweetup during SOTU

Followers of the @WhiteHouse Twitter account are being invited to the White House to live-tweet during the State of the Union speech.

OMB's Lew to take over as White House chief of staff

OMB head to become Obama's right hand.

Obama, Panetta outline $489B in defense cuts

The administration plans to shift the Pentagon's focus from ground wars to rebuilding and deterrence while preserving innovation and partnership with industry.

Deal reached to avert shutdown with only hours to spare

A late-night deal avoided a partial government shutdown, the fifth such occasion this year.

Kundra 'IT cartel' remarks raise ire of contractor professionals

Former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra provoked an outcry with an editorial claiming that major federal contractors are holding back progress in updating federal technology.

Rare 5.9 earthquake shakes up D.C. federal buildings

"Did you feel it?" was the question that boomeranged around Twitter in thousands of tweets after an unusually strong earthquake hit Virginia about 90 miles from Washington, D.C.