What makes a great schoolteacher?

Steve Kelman learns that what makes a teacher great might not be what you think.

Does your agency treat you like a Twinkie?

Some agencies seem to think that IT savvy doesn't need constant updating. Are they right?

Osama bin Laden and Public Service Recognition Week

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that government employees are responsible for tracking down bin Laden, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Is the digital leash a blessing or a curse?

Without a doubt, smart phones have dramatically changed the workplace. But has it been for the better?

Federal managers: Room for improvement?

The consensus among readers is that federal managers often don't get the job done. But what can be done about it?

Federal employees: Patriots, hangers-on or something in between?

Readers respond to a question about their motivation.

Why do you work for the government?

If you're in a job where you could be earning more in the private sector, why do you continue to work for the government?

In defense of federal employees (Washington Redskins, beware!)

FCW blogger John Klossner does his part to restore the self-esteem of feds who have been the target of so many congressional attacks.

Is pay for performance doomed to fail?

Pay for performance may be coming back, even though past efforts have failed. Do you think it stands a chance in the federal government?

Why outsourcing IT expertise could be a big mistake

As tempting as it sounds, federal agencies cannot afford – literally – to rely on contractors for technology innovation, at least according to one contractor.

Can agencies pay enough to attract top IT talent?

In the various debates about outsourcing, insourcing and federal pay, one issue almost always comes up: The tough competition for IT talent.

Federal slackers: What's the real story?

FCW cartoonist John Klossner suspects the frequent stories about underperforming feds is creating an unrealistic picture of the federal workforce.

Be honest now: Is the federal workforce over-staffed?

Some readers agree with the congressional leaders that agencies could trim their staff without any measurable impact on services. What do you think?

Stay updated during the shutdown

FCW will continue delivering timely information to our readers, even if the government shuts down.

Changes afoot as GS-15s get younger

Government managers are becoming more youthful as a group, Steve Kelman observes.

Government shutdown could get postponed

It now seems likely that a feared government shutdown at the end of this week will be averted, but the reprieve is only temporary. If Congress can't agree on a budget deal soon, the threat will return in two weeks.

OPM tries again to get word out about weather dismissals

OPM alerts employees today on early-release options tomorrow.

VA's Internet blocking may be a little overzealous

VA reader reports inability to read articles about a recently notorious website due to agency blocking.

Stranded on the highway or working from home?

How did the heavy snow affect your commute? Were you able to make use of the telework option?

Stranded on the highway or working from home?

How did the heavy snow affect your commute? Were you able to make use of the telework option?