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Alyah Khan

Alyah Khan is a staff writer covering IT policy.

Time to say goodbye to the employee suggestion box

Agencies should trash their employee suggestion boxes, unless all they want to hear is a bunch of complaints, says one consultant.

Potential debt limit fallout paints bleak picture for feds, contractors

If Congress fails to raise the government's debt limit before the Aug. 2 deadline, the federal government would face an unprecedented situation and federal employees are bound to be affected.

US-CERT director resigns

Randy Vickers, head of the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, has reportedly resigned.

Budget crunch makes GSA popular

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson is getting an unprecedented amount of phone calls from agency leaders who want money-saving options.

OMB's press shop joins Twitter

Policy wonks can now follow @OMBPress for the latest news.

Is better IT spending data coming your way?

The Office of Management and Budget finalized new guidance on reporting IT spending as called for by the Obama administration’s IT reform plan.

How many contractors does it take to make the government work?

It won't be easy for Congress to count and possibly cut the number of contract employees -- for a variety of reasons.

Obama appoints 'Sheriff Joe' to oversee new accountability plan

President Barack Obama explains why he chose Vice President Joe Biden to lead his administration's new "campaign to cut waste."

Federal IT leaders receive AFFIRM awards

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and other government executives were honored at AFFIRM's leadership awards luncheon.

Should contractors count when feds want to cut heads?

Members of Congress are wondering if contractors should be included when agencies are looking at reducing their workforce.

GSA preps replacement for Networx

The General Services Administration is laying the groundwork for the follow-on acquisition to replace the Networx program, while still in the thick of the Networx transition.

Union puts bull's-eye on contractor pay

Amid proposals to cut federal salaries and freeze hiring, a union wants Congress to target contractors too.

Vince Lombardi and federal management

Sen. Tom Carper recalls a saying by a legendary sports figure to illustrate the importance of setting clear goals.

Why breaking rank is sometimes a good thing

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry recounts how one employee saved the day by ignoring agency protocol.

Government has 'late-mover advantage,' Zients says

Jeffrey Zients, chief performance officer, has an optimistic view of the government's productivity gap.

Former political powerhouses join Partnership's board

The Partnership for Public Service has elected former Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag and other key figures to its board of directors.

IT contract cost deviations could trigger CIO reviews

Senators have introduced legislation that would require agency CIOs to conduct a review of an IT project if it deviates 20 percent or more from its baseline cost estimate.

What your customers face if the shutdown comes

Although President Barack Obama has repeatedly denounced a government shutdown in recent weeks, officials in his administration say they are cognizant that funding for the government expires April 8 and contingency plans are being prepared.

Contractors, customers both hurt by short-term budget extensions

The federal government has been operating under temporary funding measures since October, leaving many agencies and contractors in limbo in terms of spending and planning for the current fiscal year.

$20B in IT projects need more oversight

The federal government must strengthen its oversight of IT spending, a Government Accountability Office official said.