Google sues Interior over cloud RFQ

Google and a cloud partner have sued the government alleging that an Interior Department RFQ unfairly excludes Google.

Do agencies still have year-end spending sprees?

We tried to find out what agencies are spending their year-end money on, but it might not work like that anymore.

Apple's iPad to soon face new rivals

RIM and other computer makers are close to releasing new tablet computers to challenge Apple's iPad.

American Security Challenge to honor Gen. Alexander

This year's American Security Challenge will feature a ceremony to honor Gen. Keith Alexander with the 2010 Patriot Award.

Would Patton survive in today's PowerPoint military?

Would Patton or MacArthur survive in the modern military's PowerPoint culture? Some of our readers doubt it.

Feds should watch Oracle lawsuit against Google

Oracle has sued Google over the use of Java in Google's Android operating system.

Twitter lands State Department staffers in spotlight

Two State Department employees' innocous tweets while on a visit to Syria raise eyebrows back in Foggy Bottom.

Coast Guard seeks oil spill technology

The Coast Guard is, perhaps belatedly, seeking technologies to help combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

DFAS launches Facebook fan page

Defense Finance and Accounting Service launches Facebook fan page.

Are password rules just bad magic?

We still want your ideas for creating and remembering strong passwords, but at least one security consultant thinks it's the wrong approach. Here's why.

Managing strong passwords: You got a better idea?

The best tip for creating -- and remembering without writing down -- strong passwords wins a prize.

Personal data of reservists, veterans at risk in recent thefts

In separate incidents, thieves stole laptop computers containing personal information on reservists and veterans.

Cybersecurity buzz could be a bubble

The cybersecurity market is booming, but how long will that continue?

4 keys to evaluating cloud vendors

Cloud computing calls for caution, and CIOs must know how to evaluate potential providers. Be ready to answer their questions.

For agencies, cloud's future lies between hype and reality

The technology is there and security is rapidly improving, but agencies now must decide if they're ready for the dramatic changes cloud computing can bring.

Does the military have too many drones?

The military might be taking on more unmanned aircraft than it can handle.

Put your broadband connection to the test

FCC adds tools to broadband plan Web site that can show you whether you're getting the speed you're paying for. Here's how to find out.

GovLoopers rally around family in need

GovLoop founder Steve Ressler has received a quick and vigorous response to a request for donations to help a family cope with tragedy.

GSA cancels cloud request for quotations

Changing markets and technology prompted fresh start on cloud acquisition.

Snowfuggedaboudit: Practical experience reveals telework isn't as easy as it sounds

Althogh this winter's record-breaking mid-Atlantic snowfall provided the perfect opportunity for telework to prove itself, some who tried it found that it's easier said than done.