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Sean Lyngaas

Sean Lyngaas is a former FCW staff writer.

Company to sue Army over handling of intelligence contract

Palantir has escalated its long-standing opposition to the Army's handling of contracting for the Distributed Common Ground System by announcing its intent to sue.

Army looks at future capabilities as it shapes its IT strategy

As it tries to build a long-term IT strategy, Army leaders are focusing more on wanted capabilities than on specific technologies.

CDM's next phase starts in 30 days

GSA will move the continuous diagnostics and mitigation acquisition vehicle into its second phase within the next month by issuing modifications to the BPA.

NSA looks to continue cybersecurity partnership with private sector

National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers called for closer and more rapid collaboration with the private sector in investigating cyber intrusions.

Are cloud providers ready to play politics?

Acting DOD CIO Terry Halvorsen wants commercial cloud providers to accept "political liability" as a cost of entering the lucrative government cloud market.

Navy moves drone boats forward

The Office of Naval Research says a technological breakthrough will pave the way for the use of unmanned boats to detect threats and launch attacks.

Acquisition reform needs candor, accountability of contractors

Customs and Border Protection assistant commissioner Mark Borkowski offers straight talk on costs and performance of contracts as part of his recommendations for acquisition reform.

Inside the government strategy of Capgemini's new CEO

Capgemini Government Solutions might be small compared to other contractors, but new CEO Doug Lane has plans to bring the full measure of the greater 131,000-person firm to bear in the public sector market.

DOD stresses T&E to improve acquisitions

Defense Department officials are touting Better Buying Power 2.0 as a catalyst for reforming acquisition processes and keeping contractors better informed.