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Steve Charles

Co-founder & Executive Vice President

Steve Charles is a co-founder of immixGroup, which helps technology companies do business with government. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on technology and the federal procurement process. He can be reached at or connect with him on LinkedIn at

8 things you must do to prepare for September

September is the business month of the fiscal year as agencies rush to spend their "use or lose it" funding. ImmixGroup executive Steve Charles offers eight tips for making sure you are ready for the rush.


3 things to remember as category management gains ground

Category management and the gathering and analysis of procurement data will soon be common operating procedure for the government. immixGroup co-founder Steve Charles explores what it means and what you need to know.


Opportunities rising from subtle shift in security priorities

A subtle but definite shift has occurred in how agencies think about security. ImmixGroup's Steve Charles explains the shift and the opportunities that come with it.


Inside the private sector's role in the health IT opportunity

Federal market guru Steve Charles lays out the key points behind the importance of data exchanges and the role the private sector plays in driving this business opportunity.


DOD says it needs a trusted supplier plan, but one already exists

The Defense Department says it wants a trusted supplier plan, and the laws are in place, but getting the rules implemented just keeps dragging along.


Cloud may be slow, but it's going to be big

The cloud computing market hasn't lived up to its hype, but that doesn't mean it still won't become a big opportunity and transform government IT.

Leaked intell docs offer insights on new opportunities

Intelligence documents leaked by Edward Snowden offer valuable insights into how and what intelligence agencies are buying. Now is the time to hone your strategy for this $50 billion market.


How program performance evidence can provide clues to sales

As agencies turn to data-driven evidence to measure program effectiveness, vendors can use the same data to better hone their sales strategies, writes immixGroup's Steve Charles.


6 steps to solving the counterfeit IT problem

The toughest regulations won't stop counterfeit IT issues, but why not take a more risk-based approach? Columnist Steve Charles offers six steps that can address this issue.


Sharpen your sales efforts to match today's evolving IT policies

IT policies such as the 25-point plan, the strategic sourcing initiative, and shared services take years to be fully realized, but they offer critical guidance on to shape your sales strategies.


Cyber getting baked into more procurements

Work is underway on increasing cybersecurity requirements on many of the IT products and services government agencies buy. Procurement expert Steve Charles explores the critical steps you must take to prepare for this change in the market.


2014 budget request points to new opportunities

Future opportunities will be split between areas the Office of Management and Budget can bring savings such as shared, services, consolidation and cloud computing and areas where more investment is needed such as mobility and cybersecurity. The challenge is knowing where to look for those opportunities.


2014 budget points way to new opportunities

The 2014 budget offers plenty of clues on the spending priorities of the government and here's how they tie back to your business opportunities. And don't forget, now's the time to prepare for 2015.


New version of IT reform gets on the right track

The latest version of the proposed Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act shows that Congress is listening to industry but it still needs to tackle strategic sourcing head-on.


DOD gets serious about supply chain security

The Defense Department is stepping up scrutiny of contractor supply chains and if you can't declare it safe, you'll be at a competitive disadvantage.


6 trends that lead the way to 2013 sales

2013 might see flat dollars, but sales guru Steve Charles charts a course for spotting the opportunities driving the market forward.


Down to the wire, IT sales opportunities are there

The fiscal cliff is fast approaching but there are still opportunities out there. You just have to know where to look.


What Moneyball teaches about federal budgets

Steve Charles offers five questions to ask when analyzing your sales and channel strategy in the face of changing government buying practices.

Pick up your homework assignments for the end of 2012

Federal sales expert Steve Charles gives four homework assignments for a successful fourth quarter and beyond.

Get ready for the everything-as-a-service world

It might take years but cloud computing will have a long-lasting and fundamental impact on everything in the government market. Now is the time to prepare.