Guident to enhance custom software at Export-Import Bank

Guident will provide operational and enhancement support to the Export-Import Bank under a five-year contract with a potential maximum value of $7.33 million.

Business intelligence integrator Guident will provide operational and enhancement support to the Export-Import Bank of the United States under a five-year contract that has a potential maximum value of $7.33 million.

Specifically, Guident will provide systems engineering, quality assurance, configuration management, and testing services, along with testing support for disaster recovery and continuity of operations functionality.

The Export-Import Bank is an independent federal agency that helps finance the overseas sales of U.S. goods and services by providing loans, loan guarantees, and insurance products.

To support its mission, the bank depends on several custom software applications – known as the Finance and Administrative (F&A) systems – that provide support for loan and guarantee origination, authorization, servicing, billing, rescheduling, and claims processing. Under the terms of the agreement, Guident will support the software programming, maintenance, and enhancement of the F&A systems.

Optional sub-contracts will focus on system development services including preparing plans, analyzing requirements, documenting specifications, designing system configurations, writing application code, conducting requirements and integration tests.

In addition, the Herndon, Va., management consulting and systems engineering company will write documentation and train personnel to provide effective, efficient solutions, company officials said.

“With over 70 years of experience, the Export-Import Bank has supported more than $400 billion of goods and services financing in international markets, helping companies of all sizes create and maintain jobs in the United States,” Boyd Harter, executive vice president and partner at Guident, said in a statement. “This project will assist the Export-Import Bank in more efficiently meeting these goals.”