Air Force picks HP for enterprise IT

Hewlett-Packard will provide workstations and desktop PCs to the Air Force under the service’s enterprise IT purchase program.

The Air Force has selected Hewlett-Packard to provide desktop PCs as a part of the service’s enterprise IT purchase program, the company has announced.

The Air Force has already deployed more than 400,000 HP devices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

This award announced Aug. 24 is part of the Air Force’s Quarterly Enterprise Buy for desktops, laptops and servers.

Among the products included in the QEB award is the HP xw4600 workstation, a single processor socket workstation with dual PCIe X16 Gen2 graphics interfaces.

Also included in the QEB is the HP EliteBook 8730w mobile workstation, which will be delivered in both standard and customized secure configurations to meet the Air Force’s secure product category requirements, HP said.

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