Army considers new command and control contract

The Army is collecting information that might lead to a contract to support tactical command and control systems.

The Army is doing market research that might lead to a three-year contract for support services for command and control systems.

In a new sources sought notice, the Army said it expects to award a contract by March. The procurement vehicle will likely be one of the following: the Rapid Response, Strategic Services Sourcing, ITES or the GSA schedule. The Army wants respondents to the sources sought notice to include their contract numbers.

The Army is collecting information for “initialization support services” to support end-to-end network centric connectivity across the tactical Internet. Users will be all levels of the Army, but primarily those in tactical units.

The solicitation number is W15P7T-11-R-C003 and responses are due Jan. 12.

The information collected will be used to develop a formal solicitation.