Defense Information Systems Agency

A look at the budget, priorities and people behind the Defense Information Systems Agency.

: Provide combat support through command and control capabilities, IT and infrastructure to support network-centric warfare.


2009: $4.5 billion.
2010: $5.1 billion.
2011: Operating under a continuing resolution.
2012 request: $5.7 billion.

People to know

Lt. Gen. Carrol Pollet, director.
Henry Sienkiewicz, CIO.
Kathleen Miller, procurement executive.
Sharon Jones, small and disadvantaged business utilization director.

Top IT investments 2011

Global Command and Control: $145.3 million.
Netcentric Services: $134.4 million.
DOD Teleport (satellite services): $102 million.
Defense Message System: $65.2 million.
Global Combat Support: $38.5 million.

2010 contracts by type

Firm-fixed price: 62 percent.
Time and materials: 13 percent.
Combination: 7 percent.
Cost-plus: 7 percent.
Fixed price with economic adjustment: 4 percent.
Fixed price award fee: 3 percent.
Cost plus award fee: 2 percent.
Cost plus with incentive fee: 2 percent.
Not reported: 1 percent.

2010 top contractors

Science Applications International Corp.:- $535.9 million.
Northrop Grumman Corp.: $360.4 million.
Artel Inc.: $279.9 million.
Verizon: $274.4 million.
Computer Sciences Corp.: $216.7 million.

2010 top small-business contractors

Tribalco Ltd.: $27.1 million.
ActionNet Inc.: $14 million.
NOVA Corp.: $12.7 million.
Tangible Software: $11.6 million.
Nana Regional Corp.: $11.4 million.

Key contracts

Encore II
Value: $12.2 billion.
Contractors: 26 companies competing for task orders.

DISN Global Solutions
Value: $3 billion.
Contractor: SAIC.

Defense Information Systems Network Global Solutions Set-Aside
Value: $3 billion.
Contractors: Apptis and Net Federal Inc.

DISN Access Transport Services
Value: $3 billion.
Contractors: AT&T, Qwest Government Services and Arrowhead Global Solutions.

DISN Transmission Services Pacific II
Value: $2.5 billion.
Contractor: Verizon Business.

Top requests for proposals

DISN Global Information Grid Services Management Operations
Value: $4.6 billion.
Status: Post-RFP.

DISN GIG Services Management, Engineering, Transition and Implementation
Value: $1.4 billion.
Status: Pre-RFP.

Enterprise Storage Services
Value: $700 million.
Status: Pre-RFP.