Twitter outpaces Facebook in terror alert sign-ups; also, federal virtual worlds conference coming up

More people are signing up for DHS' new terrorism alert system on Twitter than on Facebook. And you can attend the upcoming federal virtual worlds conference in the virtual world.

Sign-ups on Twitter for the Homeland Security Department’s new terrorism alert system are surpassing those on Facebook. About 70 percent more users have signed up to receive alerts on Twitter than Facebook so far.

After months of discussion and reports about the pending system, DHS officially announced the National Terrorism Advisory System on April 20. It replaces a color-coded system that was criticized for being too vague. The new system seeks to use traditional media (TV, radio and print), social media and mobile applications to alert the public.

Following the announcement, DHS created a Facebook page and Twitter account for the new advisory system.

The Twitter account had signed up 4,666 followers as of April 21, while the Facebook page had 2,706 fans.

The Facebook and Twitter alert pages have not published anything or sent any tweets yet. The new system goes into effect April 26.

In other Gov 2.0 news, the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds is planning its annual conference for May 11-13. The fourth annual event will be held at National Defense University.

Virtual participants can view the events though six virtual worlds that will carry the conference live.