Is government adoption of social media slowing down?

GSA's social media timeline may be running out of steam; also Library of Congress creates online jukebox, and federal mobile apps get their own tweets

Is federal social media adoption slowing down? It might be, judging by  the General Services Administration’s online gauge of activity -- the U.S. Government Use of Social Media Timeline.

Created with Dipity, the crowdsourced timeline graphic has dozens of benchmarks submitted by federal agencies, such as Congress granting agencies the authority to give prizes and the IRS issuing its first mobile application in January 2011. About 55,000 visitors have viewed the timeline since it was created.

However, the most recent listed on the social media timeline was in February 2011: State Department begins tweeting in Arabic.

Sounds like it’s time for crowdsourcing to work its magic and add some more milestones to the timeline.

In other Gov 2.0 news, if you like ragtime, Irving Berlin and George Cohan, you can now download records of their music for free from the Library of Congress’ new National Jukebox online service.

The jukebox makes available to the public more than 10,000 sound records made between 1901 and 1925. The recordings originally were made by the Victor Talking Machine Co., now owned by Sony Music Entertainment, which made them available to the jukebox project.

Also, the General Services Administration’s mobile applications initiative now has its own Twitter account, @Mobile_Gov. The recently created account highlights the latest news on mobile technologies advanced by the GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.